While good neighbors can be a true blessing, unfortunate circumstances can lead to the opposite.

A user took forum to ask Am I wrong for smoking weed on my deck?. Read the complete story to know who is wrong here.


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The Original poster was a 24-year-old male. He lives next to the couple with two kids. OP’s deck was close to their backyard, which became an issue. OP sometimes smokes weed on his deck after work to unwind and deal with his anxiety. 

OP’s neighbors have started to complain to him about it. 


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A month ago, the husband knocked on OP’s door and told him to stop doing it on his deck. OP told him it’s the only place he can do it.


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OP’s neighbor then told him that he doesn’t feel safe letting his kids play in the backyard until OP stops smoking. OP’s neighbor also added that he doesn’t want his kids to play in the backyard if OP catches a whiff of it.


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OP said, “Sorry, but I won’t stop, and I’m well within my rights to do it.” OP also told the neighbor that he would not smoke if he saw their children playing in the backyard. 


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OP also added that he didn’t complain when the neighbor and his friends drank in the backyard, even when they got loud late at night. 


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Then, the neighbor threatened OP that he would get the police involved in that matter. OP invited the neighbor to do so because OP thought he had the right to smoke weed on his deck. 


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The neighbor filed the complaint with the HOA. But the police sided with the OP and said it was completely legal. 


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Then, the wife at the neighbor’s house came to OP’s house the previous day and asked OP to stop smoking weed on his deck as it frustrated her husband when he looked through the window to see OP smoking. 

OP apologized for it and said it was none of her husband’s business. 

OP feels bad that his neighbor is getting frustrated because of him, but he also thinks he was not doing anything wrong. 


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“In this case, I would consider putting some tall plants out to block his view or suggest he does it. Sometimes, it’s best not to have to see the trigger.” 


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“You even said you wouldn’t do it if you saw them. I know smoking lingers in the air, but I wish people wouldn’t be like, “Oh, you, smoking bothers me when they spend most of their free time drinking and getting loud.

Coming from an ex-smoker. Enjoy your time on your deck as you see fit!” 


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“I’m severely allergic to weed. Have a neighbor who smokes (to me, at least, lol) a shocking amount of it. I bought two large fans for my porch. A neighbor kindly sends a text, usually something like ‘blazing up’ or ‘420 times,’… I turn on the fans and stay in. Super easy. Your neighbor is wrong on so many levels. You- not wrong.”


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