Revealing the gender of a baby can be a joyful occasion, but it’s essential to embrace and accept whatever the future holds. Placing undue emphasis on one gender over the other can lead to unnecessary stress and conflict.

A user took the forum to ask Am I wrong for “lying” to my MIL about the gender of our baby after she promised to keep it a secret?


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The original poster ( OP ) was pregnant, and she didn’t want a gender reveal party. But her husband’s family made a big deal about it, so she agreed to it. 

OP’s MIL Assumed

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OP’s mother-in-law assumed that OP knew the gender of the baby and asked OP to reveal the gender to her. 

But OP didn’t know the gender of the baby and told her Mother-in-law the truth. But her mother-in-law didn’t listen. OP’s mother-in-law was bothering OP for a month, and OP got tired of it. 


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As OP’s mother-in-law begged and promised she would not reveal it to anyone, OP said it was a girl. All these conversations happened in a text. 

OP figured out that there were 50/50 chances and said it was a girl, so her mother-in-law will stop annoying her. 


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When OP and her husband cut a cake to reveal a blue inside it, there was an awkward silence in the room. It turns out that OP’s mother-in-law told all the guests about her side of the family so that they would buy appropriate gifts.


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OP’s friends and family congratulated OP and her husband on their son. OP’s mil came over and hissed at her for making her look stupid. Then, OP reminded her that she had promised not to tell anyone.

OP’s MIL Said That She Never Promised

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OP’s mil said that she never promised, so OP showed the conversation between them. 

OP’s mil admitted that she lied and never intended to keep that promise. Some of her family members were there and heard what OP’s mil told her. 


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OP’s mil said it was a planned move, and OP did it to embarrass her MIL in front of everyone. OP replied that she told multiple times that she didn’t know the gender. 

OP’s Husband Wants OP To Apologize

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OP’s husband wants OP to apologize to keep the peace. OP was ready to apologize, but she didn’t think she was a jerk as her MIL thought. 


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“Honestly, I don’t even think OP should give that. OP’s husband was sloppy in maintaining boundaries with his mom and now wants to protect his mom from the consequences of her own actions. If anything, OP’s husband, in addition to his mom, should be apologizing to OP.”


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“Not wrong – I am cackling. This is amazing.

Maybe just because I hate gender reveals, but this made me laugh so hard. This is a true lesson for your MIL to keep her mouth shut. People should buy mostly gender-neutral stuff for babies anyways, tbh. They’re just weird little gremlins at first.”

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