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A sneak peak into my inspiration behind Mrs Daaku Academy

Hey there, Chhavi aka Mrs Daaku here. 

Buttercup, this is going to be a tad bit long. Okay?

I graduated from law school, got a job and quit within 2 years because I wanted to do something I LOVED. 

You know what, I even had an argument with my manager on work-life balance where I was told that’s not a problem. Ha! 

(Update: Turns out they’re now all about work-life balance)

Getting back – 

I did not have a freaking clue what I loved. 

So that was a hiccup. Post quitting, I have tried several side hustle ideas to find the ONE. 

… where I can say, I had an epiphany. To whom I can say “I do”

(Let’s get dramatic because that’s how I am).

There wasn’t any epiphany even when I roamed on streets on Varanasi for months. Come on, everyone gets that there, right?

Nothing for me. So I am lost. Still.

Let’s fast forward through 365+ days where I prepared for civil services, started a travel blog, tried freelancing and much more. 

Freelance writing was an impulse decision. I just searched for a few days, made a portfolio and pitched a client and *BOOM*

… you find success when you least expect it right?

Within the same month, I had over $1000 in revenue writing for clients globally. 

My struggle with finding something I loved, legitimate work from home options, information on how to get started, inspired me to start a work from home blog which went on to become a popular career blog and my full-time business. 

As an extension, I started a YouTube channel to talk about business, micro-entrepreneurship and freelancing. 

I got more and more comments, emails, DMs about “how can I start”

…. My long term plan was to always teach people how to build a profitable business from home but my experience with blogging and YouTube confirmed this. 

So, I have decided to share EVERYTHING I have learned about online income on Mrs Daaku Academy. 

Mrs Daaku Academy hasn’t officially launched as of today (Feb 1, 2021) but we already have over 150+ members who have found an alternate career they love. 

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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs