Supporting your partner is good, but babying them all the time irrespective of the situation might not be a great idea.

The Original Poster (OP) took it to the forum, and asked “Am I wrong for babying my wife at the expense of my children?”. We want to know from you.


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OP has been married to his wife, Lacey, for 18 years now. They have a great marriage and have two daughters.


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Madison, their younger daughter, is 14 years old. Lately, she has been fighting a lot with Lacey.


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Sometimes, Lacey can be ridiculous and vain, but OP loves her anyway. Lacey cares a lot about appearances and she dresses in a very feminine way.


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Madison, being an early teen, has started developing her own sense of style. That is the main clash point between Lacey and Madison. Lacey has a hard time accepting Madison’s style and gets very controlling at times.


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One day OP returned from work and found Lacey and Madison arguing. They were arguing because Madison cut and dyed her hair.


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OP thinks that Madison’s hair looks awful as well, but didn’t say anything as it was her choice. But when Madison said that she doesn’t want to be a “vapid, trophy wife, barbie” like her mom, OP grounded her, but also told her that he was on her side for the hair.


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Lacey kept crying about how the kids don’t appreciate her. She also said that she doesn’t know who Madison is anymore.


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Lacey has a tendency to get hysterical whenever she gets upset, so OP told the kids that they could have leftovers for dinner and that Lacey wouldn’t cook anything that night.

He then hung out with Lacey in the bedroom. OP gave Lacey an hour long foot massage and helped her relax.


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In the morning, Madison told OP that he coddled her mom way too much and that he was equally responsible for this situation.

Now OP wants to know if this is wrong.


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“This whole family – including you – needs to get some perspective. You talk about your wife like she’s a small child. She’s a grown adult, please see and treat her that way.

Your child should not be calling her own mother a ‘trophy wife’ and ‘barbie’, it’s extremely disrespectful and unnecessary.

Your wife needs to let your daughter go through her rebellious phase – yes, it’s hard to watch your daughter chop her hair to pieces and you can try to advise her, but full-scale shouting matches will just make her determined to do more.”, said one user.

“I can’t imagine having to live with someone like this again. A ‘huge fight’ over ugly shoes with a 14 year old?

Learn to pick your battles, lady, or you’re gonna end up like my mom- wondering why your daughter doesn’t speak to you any more.”, said another user.

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