Any profession has the potential to create a killer, but some careers may be riskier due to access to sensitive information, weapons, or the ability to exploit trust.

A user asked, which profession has the potential to create the scariest killer? and here are the top ones

1. Locksmith

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The profession of locksmithing holds the potential for dangerous misuse of trust, as locksmiths have access to a customer’s home and sensitive information.

“As a former locksmith, I can tell you that every customer has put a severe amount of trust in me and those working in my profession.

I’m not just talking about picking locks and breaking. Think about it, when you call, I’d come out and inevitably touch your safety. I am holding your key. I can make a copy of most keys in 20 seconds, and most likely, I’m rekeying anyway.

It’s not hard for me to take a copy of your key and attach a paper tag with your address and the date the service was done. I will be in your house with no signs of forced entry. I can lock the door behind me. Most locksmiths keep a necessary file on most jobs they do anyway; this is your info and the critical bitting stored away on a hard drive or paper file.” said one.

2. Long Distance Truck Drivers

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“They are disproportionately over-represented as serial killers. Because they commit their crimes in multiple jurisdictions, it’s harder to connect the murders and trace them to the killer. Scary stuff.” said one.

“There was a movie called Suspect Zero about something like that; in the end, the killer is a refrigeration trucker who drops bodies thousands of km from where he kills them.” shared one.

3. Pig Farmer

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“I worked in a pub with a guy who had spent his later teenage years killing pigs in a slaughterhouse; he joked about killing people all the time – he was noticeably strange.” said one.

“You’ll always have problems lifting a body in one piece. The best thing to do is cut up a corpse into six pieces and pile it all together. And when you get your six pieces, you have to get rid of them because it’s no good leaving them in the deep freeze for your mum to discover, right? Then I hear the best thing to do is feed them to pigs. They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm.” a user said.

4. Forensic Investigator

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“A forensic investigator of some sort. Basically, like Dexter, and they know exactly how not to get caught.” said one.

“Also, if I’ve learned anything from Dexter, if a forensic investigator is looking for you, they simply need to open up Google, type in gibberish, then your name and picture will automatically appear. Scary stuff.” another said.

5. Nurses

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“I’ve read about several of them that would overdose patients and kill them; they are also the least likely suspect.” a user said.

“There was this one pediatric nurse that would inject babies with succinylcholine, giving them respiratory failure. There was a massive spike in suspicious illnesses and deaths during her work hours, and it took them years to catch on. She was convicted on two counts of murder, but who knows how many babies she killed. “ another shared.

“Plus, they have the medical knowledge to be untraceable; on a similar note, people who work in morgues and doctors in general.” another said.

6. Cab Drivers

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“My SO and I stayed in KC, MO for a weekend last summer, and the front desk manager recommended a new cab company with “ultra-competitive rates.” Naively, I called the number and scheduled a cab to drive us to a concert and pick us up when it was done. When they arrived that evening, we quickly realized it was just a dude with a “TAXI” sticker on his mid-90s mini-van. We should’ve hired another service then and there, but we were in a rush and figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.

On the way, this guy asks if we have GPS tracking on our phones- in case he gets lost- and if anyone else in our group would be waiting for us. About three-quarters of the way there, he pulls out a flask and asks if we “want a swig.” After we both declined, he didn’t speak to us for the rest of the ride. We ended up hiring a different service on the way back to the hotel, but it made me realize how bad things could go if you let your guard down at the wrong time and for the wrong people.” shared one.

7. Butcher

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“You learn to cut/get rid of leftovers, and you can choose the cannibal option.” said one.

“Can confirm. If I had to get rid of a body 1 hour in the Butchery and it’s all chopped up.” said another.

“Butcher here. I’m desensitized to cutting flesh, removing the skin, and smelling foul organic odors. I’m good at taking meat off a bone, bearing an ugly piece of meat, and making it presentable. There are few parts of a human I wouldn’t know what to do with eyes. Sometimes I feel my body and know where to stick my knife or what it would look like. Thank god I’m a pretty happy guy.” a user said.

8. Kindergarten Teacher

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“You do not mess with kindergarten teachers. The amount of stupidity they put up with daily gives them the patience of a saint. They can clean stains and weird spots from almost anything because kids always spill glue/paint/glitter.

A kindergarten teacher can tell you that they will murder you right to your face but the way they phrase it makes you think, “That sounds nice, really good for my development and social skills.” Worst part? Everyone trusts the kind kindergarten teacher with a big heart.” said one.

9. Janitors

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“Seriously, if I just moped entrance at the end of the day and you walked through wearing messy, muddy bad boots, you better be sure no one is following you to your home.” said one.

Another said, “And we work when almost no one is often working, and we have keys to everything. If they have a food-grade cleaning, they’ll have no problem getting rid of the evidence, and who would think twice about a janitor with big black bags of garbage?”

10.  Crime Scene Investigator 

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“They know all the tricks to make a perfect-ish crime.” said one.

“Plus, they can investigate and destroy evidence from their crime if they kill in their area. In addition, their fingerprints and shoe prints can be deemed nonevidence since they are supposed to be there.” another added.

The answer to which profession can potentially create the scariest killer is subjective and can vary from person to person. It’s a sobering reminder that anyone, regardless of their profession, has the potential for darkness within. 

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