The initial excitement of a new relationship can quickly dissipate when confronted with challenges and obstacles that jeopardize the couple’s happiness. Have you ever observed a breakup triggered by a seemingly insignificant or trivial cause?

A user asked the forum, “What’s the weirdest reason you’ve broken up with someone?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“She smelled like soup.”


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“She thought she got the answer to the crossword when it was actually me.”


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“Never wanted to get tacos.”


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“He talked so fast that I often couldn’t understand him. When I would ask him to please talk slower, he would talk LOUDER. But just as fast.”


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“She threw garbage out my truck window while driving down the road. First date-last date.”


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“His feet smelled. I mean so bad. They were so bad one night I thought he messed up the bed. Wasn’t going to go the long haul with that.”


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“She would speak French to herself in the mirror at home, and then she would do it at restaurants thinking it made her sound royal, I guess? I don’t know.

Here’s the thing. She knew not one word of French. She had no desire to learn a single word of French. She just spoke gibberish that sounded VAGUELY like French.

She was a full-grown woman in her late 20’s. College degree and a job. She started doing it around the second month into our relationship.

That embarrassed the hell out of me. I know a few words and even offered to teach her – a foreign student taught me how to say, “I love a lobster,” and other weird stuff that we both thought was hilarious while getting baked.

She said she didn’t want to learn. She just wanted to act like she was speaking French.”


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“1 year in, she told me she was literally an angel. Sad to say there was A LOT about her, wasn’t heaven sent.”


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“She added me to her family’s group chat after a week of dating. I was about 16 at that time and felt much pressure.”


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“She wouldn’t brush her teeth. It was gross. A real shame because she was super cute otherwise.”


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“She squeezed a disgusting amount of mustard in her hand, then ate it.”


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“He expected me to text him every minute of every day; if I was not texting him, he was texting all my friends and my siblings.”


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“She started talking like a child when around me. It was really off-putting.”


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“Gave me a dirty bowl after cooking food for me at her place. She said it wasn’t dirty, but I cleaned it and showed her it was.

Can’t do gross.”


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“This is gonna make me sound like Joey from Friends, but he kept eating my food. We were on a date, and each got a pizza. When he was done, he took one of my slices without even asking. Had he asked, it would have been different.

Later we were at the movies, and I asked if he wanted popcorn, but he said he didn’t want them. So I bought it for myself. Not even 10 minutes in, he started eating my popcorn. So I slapped his hand away. When you say you don’t want them, then don’t eat mine.”


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“My ex lied about why he went to prison.”

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