Some hobbies are known for being rich people’s favorites. Can you name any?

An internet user asked, “Which hobbies do you associate with ‘rich people’?”. Below, we’ve curated the top responses!


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“Polo, or anything with horses, really.”


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“Dressage seems like the ultimate old money hobby to me.” 


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“‘Deadly adventure’ tourism like climbing Mount Everest and freezing to death, or diving down to look at the Titanic and getting squished as people prefer life at sea level.”


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“Collecting exotic cars and attending prestigious car shows like Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.” 


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“I think golf is only a thing for rich people in Europe. In Asia and America, it’s pretty okay. That’s not to say it isn’t expensive as hell. It is, but not the same as buying a horse.”


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“Collecting fabergé eggs. I honestly don’t get what it is about a bejeweled egg that wealthy people like.” 


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“Water polo, you need regular access to an entire swimming pool just for your team; this is not something I’ve ever seen offered at a council pool.”


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“Frequent traveling. I might go to a cool spot now and again, but some people have trips like that every few months.”


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“Parachute jumping, diving. I looked into both, and it is easy to do it at once, but if you want to get serious, you need serious gear, which needs serious money.”


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“Competitive road cycling. Those road bike setups can cost upwards of $20k!”


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“So expensive. Updating gear, clothing, travel, food, and lift tickets. It adds up pretty quickly. You can be cheap and slide by, but most skiers are people who have money to spare.

Getting good is tricky; you must invest years and lots of practice into the sport to become skilled.”


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“Luxury shopping. I’m serious; I know of an individual whose family frequents luxury shops weekly and spends upwards of 40k American dollars (not the local currency; in local currency, their spending is 35x the average monthly salary).”


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“Yachting, at least for any relatively large yacht. Owning and maintaining a large yacht requires lots of throwaway cash. Plus, the larger it is, the more money must be burned monthly.”


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“Canyon running as in driving exotic cars through mountainous regions overlooking beautiful European cities.” 


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“Shooting. The kind with wax cotton jackets, shotguns, and Labradors or Spaniels. Then a pint at a very pleasant country pub.”

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