While smoking, weed, and cocaine are widely recognized as harmful addictions, we now have many seemingly innocuous behaviors that are just as addictive. This is both fascinating and alarming.

We found someone asking on forum what addiction is seen as completely normal by society. and here are some most the usual ones


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“My grandad used to have 5 cups only in the morning. And trust me, they were big cups.”

Social Media Scrolling

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“Infinite scrolling in apps”

“TikTok. The algorithm is insanely good at keeping people on it for long periods.”

“My attention span has improved so much since deleting it!! I also feel like the app was purposely feeding me content that made me feel insecure and then feeding me ways to “fix” those problems via products.”

Taking Photos All The Time

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“It’s so weird to me how some people will go do a thing, and when they’re “doing the thing” they’re spending the entire time taking photos of themselves or having their photos taken, and if they’re not doing that, their head’s down at their phone checking how many likes their previous photo got.”

Drinking Alcohol

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“Alcohol, honestly. It can get bad enough that people see it as a problem, but it is way later than it should be, and Alcohol is so much a requirement for people to have fun that it’s sad.”

“I know people who will not date people who don’t drink.”

“A friend of my wife’s recently was sent a photo of her friend by her fiancé, a doctor, who was giving her IV fluids at home because she was so dangerously drunk. It was done in a jokey manner. My wife and I were concerned, but we’re so the minority with that group that it fell on deaf ears.”

Impulsive Shopping

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“Online shopping, especially. I deliver for USPS, and several houses on my route get new clothes nearly every day.”

“I’m a carrier, too; I have some customers I would probably call a wellness check for if they stopped getting stuff.”


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“My sister NEVER does laundry. She sees clothes as a purely consumable products. She wears them, perhaps once or twice, or until she no longer likes them, then just orders more then throws the old away. It is disgusting.”

“This is an environmental nightmare on a social level and a financial one on a personal level.”

Caffeine and Energy Drinks

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“Energy drinks”

“Caffeine in general. Caffeinated soda is the most consumed beverage in the US.”

Buying Lottery Tickets

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“Surprise, no one has said this but lottery tickets.”

“I have a friend who wastes at least a third of his income on scratch-offs and gambling. I watched him clean off a scratcher for $100 to spend it all on more scratchers that only won ten bucks. Then complained about being broke and asked me for money, lol.”

Eating Lot of Sugar

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“I managed to do it with sugar, but it was the worst month in my life by far, and it took six attempts over several years to finally do it. Not thinking super hard for just a second and eating/drinking something with sugar in it, and boom….back to square one, and it was so easy to fall into that trap.”


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“Anger addiction.

Certainly, being outraged about social problems can result in effective social action. Being outraged feels more powerful and active than sadness or empathy. Try expressing “thoughts and prayers” and look at the angry responses from people who associate anger with empowerment. Walking around in a constant state of outrage, even if it’s justified about a certain thing, may eventually cause people to redirect their anger toward every minor irritant in their lives because it has the illusion of control and power.

Anger can also escalate into destructive behavior that is ineffective in addressing whatever problem needs solving. Being angry all the time can’t be good for mental, physical, or emotional health or for the people who have to encounter the angry person.”

Working Too Much

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“In America, living to work. 60+ hour work weeks and never taking a vacation out of a weird loyalty to a company that will lay you off without hesitation if the bottom line is at risk.”

Watching Adult Movies

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“Watching it all the time. Seems pretty habitualistic.”

Money Money and Money

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“Money. So normal that I can’t find anyone mentioning it. People are encouraged to get as much as possible, more than they need, and any attempt to cut them off can provoke anger and retaliation. Instead of being addressed, the addiction is tolerated if not defended. A billionaire may often be portrayed as a success rather than someone with a worrying socially damaging problem.”

Fake Lifestyle

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“A fake lifestyle. Social media (of course) is the root cause but it sprouted this narcissistic culture of always bragging—-, and if you run out of actual things to brag about, you invent it. You fake it.”

Competition and Approval

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“Competition addiction and addiction to approval. I hate competing, and it seems like everything is a competition now.”


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“Makeup. And it is an addiction for many, many women. Most of the women I know will not leave the house without putting it on, and they’re among the mild users I have found.”

“Forget airbrushing in magazines, ladies. We’ve all been programmed to airbrush ourselves in reality. I know I will earn many downvotes and see many replies about how you wear makeup for yourself, but consider what I am saying for a minute.”


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“Excessive eating. It’s not “body positive.” It is being point-blank unhealthy. People need to stop trying to normalize obesity.”


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“Religion – a girl I know can’t have a conversation without quoting the Bible or talking about Jesus like he is an old friend of hers. I’m not religious, so I find it annoying, but everyone else seems fine with it.”

Getting Skinny

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“Getting skinny/ losing weight. Especially in developing countries where people aren’t aware of issues like eating disorders, people will praise you for starving yourself. For me, when I was deep into anorexia, I could openly starve myself in front of my family because I was on a “diet”. However, my family did intervene once I started looking emaciated. But people around me would straight up praise me for not eating.”


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It’s become cool to be seen as someone who spends 5+ hours a day playing video games. I love some games but had to break out of the habit because my mood for each day would be heavily influenced by how many League of Legends matches I had won. It’s a proper addiction.”


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“Haven’t seen this one yet, needing validation from strangers. Strangers online or in person. Who gives a crap what they think about you? Your classmates/colleagues don’t matter. It would be best to do what you think will make you „cool“and be yourself and express your interests. Do things your way (while following rules and laws and shiz).”


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“Emotional attachment. There’s too much toxic codependency in many relationships where individuals should be healing themselves and each other.”

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