A user asked the forum, “What small upgrades have vastly improved your travel experience?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“Having a place where my passport ALWAYS goes in. Been using the same spot for 30 years in my computer case where the floppy disk used to go.”


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“A small case that fits into the seat pocket on planes packed with everything needed during a flight — charger, headphones, lip gloss, meds, etc. Helps me board quickly and keep track of the little stuff.”


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“Put a geotag in your luggage. You can track it anywhere as long as you have a signal. On the last trip, I can tell the moment I landed that my bag was still stuck at the connecting airport. 13 hours later, I can track the bag moving and heading to my home at 3 am.”


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“A foldable travel pillow- not the kind that wraps around your neck, but an actual small memory foam pillow that folds into a traveling bag. I use it on trains/planes and to provide neck support at hotels.

Apple AirTags.”


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“A digital suitcase scale. No more weighting myself with and without a suitcase. I take it with me and wight the suitcase to make sure I don’t pass the limit on the flight back.”


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“Using plastic freezer bags as packing cubes allows you to see what’s inside each one quickly, without opening them up and digging through them.”


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“Scrubba Bag. It is great to refresh your clothes between washing machines, allowing me to wear them a few times more.”


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“iPad, don’t know how I survived so long before without one. TSA precheck and Mobile passport.”


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“Microfibre towel. Takes up a lot less space than a regular bath/beach towel.”


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“Good travel credit card is a game changer.

-collecting points on everything and transferring them to valuable partners

-global entry/TSA precheck

-phone insurance

-theft insurance

-priority pass

-rental car insurance

-trip delay insurance (which I’ve used twice, $500 per passenger stayed two nights all-inclusive at Hyatt Ziva and another time one of the nicest hotels in Miami. Sometimes I hope for a flight delay).

Along with so many other benefits, It really covers your back in so many ways and greatly improves your quality of travel.

Carryons only are nice. Not having to check and wait for bags. But when you live out of two bags like myself, it can put a strain on your back.

Learning that you can take an empty bottle/container through security so long as there are no liquids. It’s super frustrating how much water and plastic is wasted because of this. No one does anything about it.”


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“Packing cubes, but specifically an empty one that is designated for dirty clothes. I have a hard time remembering which underwear and socks I’ve worn over the week between washes, so I just pack my dirties into the designated cube as I go.

Doesn’t add any extra room and keeps things easy to rearrange inside my suitcase.”


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“Body/hand wipes for long haul flights. Bring to the bathroom and wipe your pits, crevices, etc., and you’ll feel great going back to your seat!”


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“Travel pants. I have ones from Banana Republic that have extra deep pockets where your passport can go. They even have a hidden pocket with a hidden zipper where you can put your wallet.

It’s nice to know that my essentials are on my person and not in a bag in the overhead compartment.”


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“A tripod has saved me whenever I go solo traveling :).”


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“100w charging block for phone and computer. The new Anker ones are tiny, and you don’t need the large one that typically comes with a laptop.”


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“Noise-canceling headphones.”

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