We all have that one thing that anchors us, providing solace and shaping our lives’ rhythm. Each individual holds a cherished passion, unique and fascinating to discover.

A user asked the forum, “What is that thing you can’t do without?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“I can’t do without my morning coffee! It’s my little daily ritual that gives me the energy and motivation to tackle the day ahead.”


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“Toliet paper.

I had a bad experience with leaves one time.”


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“Please don’t think I’m weird; mine is my art supplies. But also, my grandpa.”


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“My room with my PC, a safe place, somewhere to shut out everything and be myself.”


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“My guitar. If that goes away, everyone else, including me, will die.”


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“A job….

It might seem weird, but I like what I do and I get bored of not doing anything. Even playing video games for eight hours is so freaking long now (for me). I play maybe 6 hours but split. But before that, I could pull about 16-18hours in a day.

I prefer doing something somewhere else for 8-12-16 hours; that won’t get me bored.”


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“Glasses and phone. Can’t read my phone without my glasses. It’s my wallet, my library, my newspaper.”


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“My hearing aids, thanks to having an extremely rare reaction to my childhood vaccination.

Been wearing them since I was 6.”


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“Noise canceling headphones. Otherwise, it’s hard to deal with the noises of life and people when I’m out. The noise canceling helps keep me from being overstimulated.”


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“Weird, I guess – but I love eating ice cubes. I’ll literally put them in a bowl & chomp them.”


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“Human contact.

The older I get, the more important I realize it is.”


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“Broadband. Can do without every other optional luxury service like cable and cell phone, but absolutely must have good quality internet service.”


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“My daily pills (1x ADHD medication and 1x birth control pill) can’t do without them.”


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“Sleep. I can’t function properly without the thing.”


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“My best friend. Currently, we are having a dumb argument, and we haven’t talked in two weeks, and I feel like part of me is missing.”

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