People indulge in all kind of activities, sometimes just for the fun of it.

A user asked, “What are some hazardous things most people don’t realize are dangerous?” and here are some simple things:

1. River Sports or Anything Similar

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“This is vague, but many people underestimate water’s dangers. Like the power of a river or sea current, water on the road, slipping in the shower, etc”

“River rafter here. #1 Rule: River always wins.”

2. Staircase

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“Walking up or down the stairs, the most common accident at home is falling down the stairs.”

“And don’t leave shoes or other things on the stairs. Yeah, you know they are there but does your spouse or child? Will they see them when it’s dark, or are they in a hurry.”

3. Falling Down

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“Falling. I know there are jokes about “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” But it’s a real danger. As we age, our bones lose density and strength, so falling can cause legitimate injuries.

And even if you’re not old, unprotected falls are still dangerous. Street fights where people get knocked out and fall onto concrete is super dangerous. It doesn’t take a lot of height to cause serious damage when falling and hitting your head.”

“911 dispatcher here. We’ve all laughed at the “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” commercial. But I don’t laugh anymore. The number of times I’ve heard someone say that is scary. Falling is deadly for the elderly, especially those that live alone.”

4. Metal Folding Chairs

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“Metal folding chairs. I knew someone who lost some fingers when one slammed shut on their hand.”

5. Electricity

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“Electricity. You can’t see it until it’s too late. Harmless wires dangling around will put you into the ground. Even if it looks “good,” it can be done wrong and start a fire. Source: I am an Electrician”

6. Not Sleeping

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“Not getting enough sleep.”

“Getting enough sleep every night is seriously life-changing. A surprising amount of physical/mental issues I had for years suddenly disappeared after I started taking my sleep seriously.”

7. Eating Grapefruit

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“Eating grapefruit while on medication.

Grapefruit has so many bad interactions with medication ranging from rendering the medication ineffective to toxicity.”

8. Activated Charcoal

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“Activated charcoal can render your meds ineffective too. If you’re eating black ice cream or whatever trendy Instagram thing, check whether it’s food dye or activated charcoal because the latter can mess with any meds you might be relying on. It’s not something you need to ingest unless you’ve actually been poisoned.”

9. Not Enough Sodium

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“Not having enough Sodium. There are always warnings about too much salt, but apparently, it can throw your body out of whack if you don’t have enough. I learned this after passing out and ending up in the ER.”

10. Tylenol

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“A lot of people end up with liver failure from overusing Tylenol. It’s not harmless, don’t treat it like Skittles.

Acetaminophen poisoning is so bad that our school gave us a PSA on OTC medications that contain it and to always check the drug ingredients to make sure you don’t consume too much!”

11. Garage Door Springs

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“Ours broke one night, and it sounded like a damn 12 gauge going off. Can confirm, do not go anywhere near those things.”

“When ours broke, it sounded like a car crashing into the garage.”

“I was in bed when mine broke, right over my garage door. Shook the bed like a small earthquake.”

12. Sitting

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“I just tore my psoas because I sat all day and it was weak. I never knew you could tear a muscle from underuse. After two months of excruciating pain three weeks of PT and, I’m finally getting better. But yea, stretching and yoga are a top priority for me now.”

13. Overworking yourself

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“I had a coworker at my last job who just didn’t have an off button and didn’t know how to say no to people in charge. He always agreed to overtime (working from 7AM to 8 PM 6 days a week) and doing stuff out of the job description, like repairing refurbished products and driving trucks to help move products around. The job is supposed to be just an in-warehouse packaging and shipping type job. Didn’t get paid any higher than he was previously making too, though the overtime and double-time pay probably did add up real quick.

The hardest working guy I’ve ever met, but deep down, I feel bad for him. He told me he had to quit his last job as a UPS loader/unloader because his doctors told him he was killing himself with all the overtime he was taking. He said he weighed like 90 lbs (He’s around 5’10”) and lived to work and sleep at the point.”

14. Using Dull Knives

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“Cutting food with dull knives. Many people fear cutting themselves with knives, which is valid; however, they don’t realize that you’re more likely to do so with a dull knife. A sharp knife will slice right through a tomato, but with a dull knife, you have to push. If you push too hard, it can slip, and you’ll have a bad time.”

15. Food Handling

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“As a chef, it’s food. I’ve seen people who cook at home with hazardous cooking habits. Everything from not washing hands after handling raw meat (its all raw proteins, people, not just chicken) to not cooling leftovers properly and even proper storing procedures. Spoiler alert: don’t store raw chicken above the salad you plan to serve with it. Those juices can drip down and contaminate everything. Personally, I think everyone needs to take a class on proper food handling for their safety and everyone’s safety for whom they plan on cooking.”

16. Pregnancy

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“My wife is a medical professional; our pregnancy was planned, we were educated on the process, the risks, and what to expect.

Between the scans, the tests, placenta previa, a false water break a month too early, a preeclampsia diagnosis and early admittance into the hospital, a heart arrhythmia for mom and poop in the womb for baby, a long and dangerous labor bordering on a C section, and then a whisked away baby to clear his airway… The entire process is a traumatic horror show. Then they give you your baby and walk you out the door 36 hours later to raise it for the rest of your life.”

17. Brazil Nuts

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“Eating too many Brazil nuts.

As they are very high in selenium, eating more than 5 Brazil nuts daily could lead to selenium toxicity which can cause hair loss, vomiting, and fatigue, to name a few symptoms. I don’t think it can be fatal, but still, something most people probably don’t realize as it is never mentioned on the packaging.

Shame as they taste so damn good.”

18. Noise Cancelling Headphones

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“Noise-canceling headphones while walking in cities. You need to be able to hear your surroundings to react properly, you can easily walk into traffic or get swiped by a bike if you’re tuning out the world. The newest AirPod commercial shows a woman walking through an empty city intersection with her headphones in, then shows all the chaos return when she takes one out…not safe, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings in dense areas.”

19. Baking Flour

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“Baking flour. Makes a great explosive. Also, random cleaning products that, when mixed create the same gas used on WWI battlefields.”

20. Bathtub and Shower Combo

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“Bathtub/shower combos. There are around 80K injuries annually in the US from bathtub/shower accidents.”

21. Meeting People on Dating Apps

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“Meeting people on dating apps without FaceTiming / getting to know them first. Inviting them over, not thinking twice about the type of person they are. I once went out with a guy who I later found out on the date that he spent 7 years in prison for kidnapping.”

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