The world of cinema offers a vast array of films, ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Among this multitude, a select few gems emerge, captivating audiences and earning their place among the must-see cinematic experiences.

A user took it to the forum, and asked, “What’s one movie that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime?”. Here are the top responses.


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“My husband has been watching all the best picture winners in chronological order for the last couple of years.

He’s about to finish the 1960s now, and he says Casablanca is head and shoulders above the rest (so far). There is a reason it is considered to be the best of all time.”, said one user.


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“I was sitting in the air conditioning while watching it and could still feel the heat and humidity in that room”, said one user.


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“It is the 1984 nuclear apocalypse drama from the BBC. You only need to watch it once, don’t watch it before you sleep, and read the TV Tropes guide beforehand if you have any doubts.”, said one user.

“Not only should everybody watch it, but they should do so as very young adults. Old enough to understand the narrative, young enough so it makes an impression.

This movie has nothing whatsoever to do with ideology. It’s entirely a statement on the horror of a future nuclear war.”, said another user.


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“It’s about the Rwandan genocide. I cried several times through it”, said one user.


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“I got off hard drugs after watching Requiem for a Dream.”, said one user.

“I watched this only 1 time when I was a teenager, and it’s probably a good thing because there are multiple scenes of that movie that have been stuck in my head ever since. And I have to say that movie is probably one of the reasons why I never started hard drugs.”, said another user.


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“I had to watch it for a college course. The storytelling in this movie is amazing and each character has amazing depth.”, said one user.


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“I made the mistake of watching it when I was fresh out of the military. I ended up in a sobbing heap on the floor.”, said one user.


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“It came out in the same year as Saving Private Ryan and for that reason, it got way less attention. And that’s sad because it’s honestly one of the best war movies out there. It’s a poetic masterpiece.

Incredibly beautiful and hard-hitting at the same time. I have the same conclusion as you though, if you romanticize war after seeing this, something’s wrong with you.”, said one user.


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“The greatest movie I will never watch again. So powerful. Even just thinking about that ending makes tears well up.”, said one user.

“It is a movie everyone should watch EXACTLY once and then never again.”, said another user.


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“It’s a truly terrifying account of just how easy it is and how people make themselves feel better by painting those who commit atrocities as monsters, but the unfortunate reality is that there is mostly the distance of circumstance that separates us from those who do horrible things.”, said one user.


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“This is the first movie that I felt really had studied mentally ill patients. I worked with mentally ill individuals and found the actors did a good job mimicking their behavior.

Having worked inside of a state hospital I also appreciated the realistic setting. Nobody should try to do a remake. This movie, the actors and the deft touches by the director can’t be replicated.”, said one user.

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