What’s a topic that couldn’t grab even a smidgen of your interest? Let’s delve into that today. A netizen recently asked, “What is something you will never care about?”. The responses below were next-level relatable!

Scripted Pranks

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“I second this and add scripted exchanges between stand-up comics and shills in the audience. The amount of these types of videos in the last few years is too damn high.”


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“My mental health genuinely improved so much when I deleted my Facebook and stopped comparing my life to everyone else’s.”, said one.

“I got a new phone a few years back and forgot my Facebook credentials. Kept forgetting to go in and reset the password and eventually I stopped caring. Haven’t used it since.”, another added.

Entitled Celebrities & Social Media Influencers

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“Once you realize that social media influencers are nothing more than an elaborate and personalized infomercial system, the whole thing starts to become humorous.”

Hollywood Award Shows

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“I used to enjoy them as a kid for the hosts, funny speeches, and all the little performance bits.

As I got older, all that got less entertaining, and I realized it was just rich people jerking one another off and ending the night with goody bags that are worth almost what I make in a year.

Really lost their shine after that.”

Celebrity Drama

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“My wife watches the Kardashians – whatever we all have our thing, and if that’s hers, fine – but I will never understand why the whole world seemingly NEEDS to know what they’re doing on a day-to-day basis.

They’re all wildly annoying, and much of their “drama” seems so manufactured. I get the point, but why do people care so much that they’ve been given multiple TV shows over YEARS? Baffling.”

Designer Clothes

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“Designer clothes seem like such a waste of money just to have ‘status’.”

Luxury Items

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“Luxury items like crazy expensive cars, bags, and watches.”

The British Royal Family

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“I was going to post this. I have no issue with them or their existence. The history of the Royal Family isn’t something I was ever particularly excited by, but there are some fascinating stories from the days when they actually were in charge and led troops into battle etc.

But these days, they are nothing more than mascots for the UK, and it is completely beyond me why so many people care so much about their lives. I haven’t read Harry’s book and I never will, but based on the snippets I’ve seen in the media the whole thing is embarrassing.

Also, the Queen seemed like a nice enough lady but all those people crying in the streets when she passed away. Grow up!”

Extended Car Warranty

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“Last time someone tried to sell me an extended warranty for my car, they got upset when I read the T&Cs.

It had a lot of weaselly words in it, which meant it was far too easy for them to deny claims on the entire powertrain, suspension components, and related electronics. So, the entire car.

I did not buy the insurance and learned the life lesson that if someone gets grumpy while you’re doing your due diligence, you can probably terminate the process right there and then.”


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“NFTs. I never understood the hype when they were ‘in’ and still don’t understand now.”, said one.

“I feel a main reason for the hype was folks who regretted not jumping on the crypto bandwagon 10 years ago, now thinking they found their second chance for free internet money.”, another added.

Celebrities’ Political Opinions

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“This is one I don’t understand, I don’t believe in a career where public opinion can ruin you. It’s a good idea to share your political beliefs but celebrities are still citizens and can be involved in politics. They just unfortunately have a lot of their life exposed to the public.”


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“Work. For the way most workplaces treat people and how little you get from any work arrangement, I just don’t believe in giving my all. Most people don’t realize how many years they are taking off their lives by taking on stress levels in most workplaces. For what?

A salary that barely keeps you afloat so that you can keep experiencing work for years. The employers get the better deal because they pay for labor and don’t have to share any of the wealth created by those laborers.”

School Reunions

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“School reunions. I don’t see the point of attending these gatherings. We already graduated, let’s live our lives separately.”


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“Crypto. Seems like one massive scam to me.”, said one.

“The current crypto market is a giant scam. Someone sets up a new currency, promotes it, hopes a bunch of people buy into it, and then at some point they bail with everyone’s money.

It’s just like a pyramid scheme where the guys at the top rip off money from the guys at the bottom.

I’m sure there were several cryptocurrencies and NFTs that people could have bought into and made a fortune off of. But it’s all a gift now.”, another added.

The National Debt

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“The national debt. If you’re going to give tax breaks to rich people, then it’s your problem.”

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