Not all the things worth spending all the money we have. People became mindful of what they put their money into. Would you consider them? 

A user asked the forum, “Even with all the money in the world, what’s one thing you’re still not buying?” Here are the top responses. 


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“A blue checkmark on Twitter.”


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“Submarine. Especially made by Ocean Gate.”


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“My car’s extended warranty.”


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“A trip in a composite submersible.”


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“A golden toilet, like what?”


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“Tiles from Frank Walker. Aussies will know what I mean.”


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“Private number plate. You could afford one, then just make it look like a regular one.”


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“iPhones. Anything apple. (Unless it’s the fruit.) If it’s an electronic Apple, work has to make me use it, and work HAS TO PAY FOR IT.”


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“Fancy pants name brand clothing.”


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“Mansion with too many bathrooms and bedrooms. One or two extra rooms as guest bedrooms, but anything more is too excessive.


1. porsche
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“A car that is only used to show off (Tesla, Mercedes) and has no real value in safety or convenience.”


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“Anything made by Nestle. I’ve been boycotting them since I was a kid (and I’m not particularly precious about most things), and even my ethical vegan and anti-fast fashion friends had never heard of their horrifying business practices.”


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“Bottled water. Have you seen the one making the rounds on TikTok where the lady buys like 60$ tap water bottled in a glass sphere? Silliest thing ever.”


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“Mushrooms. Ick, they are like eating artists’ erasers.”


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“YouTube premium. I cannot bear to pay for it.” $50 T-SHIRT 

“Any of these 50$ t-shirts that I keep hearing about. That’s just dumb, and I don’t care how comfy they supposedly are.”


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“Fancy house or a fancy car. Not my style. My friends bought new houses that back up to a stocked small pond. They can walk into their backyard, go fishing, and have canoes and boats. It’s super nice, but I prefer a different style. Same thing with cars. If you gave me $50k in cash and told me to buy a car, I’d buy a nice $10-15k used car and be happy with it.”

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