Men are often stereotyped as simple creatures, but their behavior and thought processes can be puzzling to women. From their seemingly inexplicable decision-making to their bafflingly inconsistent actions, there is always something new to learn about men.

An internet user recently asked, Women, what do you find most confusing about men? And the following responses might feel like a personal attack to most men:

Don’t Like Talking About A Bad Day

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“I know my gf is mind-baffled by this, but when she is frustrated and having a terrible day she wants me to distract her, talk to her, and be there for her.

When I’m mad and/or upset I like to be alone and distracted. I don’t want to talk about it because it reminds me of the issue and I can’t move on from it. I want to play basketball or video games. I want to be left alone.”

Rarely Ask For Details 

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“Why men rarely ask for further detail. Husband and friend make plans to have a games night, starting at 5 pm at another friend’s place. That’s all the info covered. Should we bring any games?

It is at dinner time, are we eating there? Are we meant to bring food? How many people are we feeding? Who is going to be there? Nothing. He knows nothing.”

Don’t Even Ask Basic Questions 

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“What always confused me about my fiancé is how he doesn’t know ANYTHING about his family or friends. I asked him why his parents moved to the city we live in now (it’s a small town, so I’m always curious how people end up here), and he’s like, “I don’t know.” So I went and asked his mom what brought them here, and she went into this whole thing about how when they got out of the Navy, Mike (fiancé dad) got an opportunity to be a partner in a company down here.

My fiancé sat there, slack-jawed, and said, “I just thought Dad worked for that company! I didn’t know he was part owner!”

We have had several of these types of moments in the past 6 years we’ve been together. It just amazes me he doesn’t think to ask just basic questions.”

They Agree And Then Forget 

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“Hey, I don’t want to nag, but can you take out the trash?

Him: yep!

Me: *sees trash there next day*” Said one. 

“Because we intend to take out the trash eventually, but often procrastinate until we forget about the trash.” Another added. 

Men Calling Each Other Names In A Friendly Manner 

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“In Dutch, guys call each other pik, which in English means his thing. But they say it in a friendly way because they’re mates. Why call each other that way?” Said one. 

“It’s a time-honored tradition of men messing with each other. It’s just something we do.” Another added. 

Absolutely Refuse To Ask For Help

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“How they absolutely refuse to ask for help. Back when we had no smartphones, we were trying to find my friend’s street, and this guy I was with preferred to walk aimlessly for 30 minutes before I had enough and *dared* to ask someone for directions.” Said one. 

“A 45-minute walk is pleasant; talking to a stranger is a nightmare.” Another added. 

Watch Movies From The Middle 

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“Scrolls through channels on TV. Sees a movie. Does not know when it started and has zero context about the plot. Watches the rest of the movie anyway.” Said one. 

“My dad does this… I seriously don’t understand it. He also would just watch random Game of Thrones episodes rather than watch them in order. Absolute psychopath.” Another added. 

Those Well-Coordinated Handshakes 

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“Those handshakes you do. How do you coordinate it?? it baffles me.” Said one. 

“As the other guy said, a lifetime of practice, but to expound on that I would say it also includes a very complex set of indicators that make every man know exactly what type of handshake is appropriate with what people in what settings.” Another added. 

Their Anxiety About ‘Receiving’ Gifts

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“Why are guys so apprehensive about receiving gifts? Buddy, I found a cool pair of socks that look like a shark is eating your foot, and I paid next to nothing for it. Why do you have to act like you now have to pay for my college tuition? Can I not just gift guys things for fun?” 

Mess Around With Expensive Stuff Like Anything 

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“He uses my expensive shampoo to wash his whole body when there is a bar of soap RIGHT THERE.” Said one. 

“Mine does this infuriating thing of putting his Lava soap on top of my regular soap, so my soap gets all grainy and strips all the moisture from my fingers.” Another added. 

Whether Or Not They’re Into A Woman

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“Whether or not they’re into a woman. Swear to god; one day, they can display evidence of attraction, then the next, it’s like a switch went off, and they want nothing to do with you. I’ve realized over the years sometimes it’s just a bad day for them and not about me at all. However, I still can’t read them.”

Don’t Share Things Amongst Themselves 

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“How men and their male friends don’t really talk about anything important going on in their lives with one another?

They will go through the worst heartbreak and not say anything about it. They don’t communicate about major life events or ask each other deep questions. Only always talking about surface-level crap like music or fishing and it baffles me????” 

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