You may procrastinate on a small upgrade, thinking it won’t matter much. But it can change your life just like it did for many people.

A user asked the forum, “What small upgrade made a huge difference at your house?” 

Here are the top responses. 


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“A better shower. If you can’t redo the whole bathroom, replace the head. It also works if you rent; keep the old one in a box to bring the nice one to your next house.”


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“Methodically buying phone chargers with long enough cables to never have to move one again.”


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“Blackout curtains for sleeping. Such a game changer.”


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“Motion-activated light switch for the laundry room. Never worry about turning off the light when leaving with an arm full of clothing.”


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“Smart outlets for Christmas lights, both inside and outside. I have them scheduled to turn on at sunset and off at midnight.”


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A user said, “Attic heat exhaust fan. Our attic used to get up to 140 Fahrenheit on the hottest days; on those days, our ceilings were hot. The whole house was consequently uncomfortable. Now the attic fan is thermostatically controlled to 90 degrees, and the whole house is cooler.”

Another added, “We added an attic fan to our brick home built in 1905 that doesn’t have Air Conditioning. Dealing with the summer heat greatly paid off and comforted our place. We ran the fan at night when it was cooler, then shut the windows and drew the blinds during the day to help fight the heat.”


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“My wife and I are getting separate blankets. No more fighting about who takes the covers while we’re sleeping. Highly recommend 10/10.”


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“A proper mesh wifi network. It used to be so annoying to lose signal in some parts of the house.”


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“A whole-house humidifier system. I used to have nosebleeds all winter and massive static electricity issues. I kept a small metal rod in my pocket to ground myself before directly touching anything conductive. 

My cat was generally terrified of being a pet from October to April because of the powerful static shocks. The product was around $400 for the unit, and I did the installation myself in about 2 hours. 

For perspective, the static electricity issue was so bad that I killed a thermostat, a small stereo shelf system, an Xbox controller, and a television remote through static shocks the winter before getting the humidifier.”


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“Wall decorations. Literally anything at all. I lived my whole adult life without decorating because it seemed pointless and like a waste of time and money, but man, after meeting my soon-to-be wife and helping her move in and put up her decor, it was astounding how much my house felt more like a home. Improving my mental state and comfort level was unexpected and eye-opening. 

It inspired me to decorate my basement with common man-cave stuff like a flag of my favorite football team, bar signs, and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights, and it’s my favorite space in the world now. 

I feel dumb for scoffing at putting stuff on my wall and wonder how much more I would have enjoyed living in my previous places.”


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“I bought an espresso machine because I was tired of how expensive Starbucks was. Life-changer if you’re into coffee.”


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“Putting extra shelving in the pantry. Why the previous owners only used one wall when there were three is a mystery.”


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“Dishwasher. It has changed our arguments over dishes.”


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“Rice cooker. I save so much time and energy. Plus, there’s less washing up since all I need to wash is the pot inside instead of a saucepan, a wooden spoon, and a colander.”


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“We replaced our shallow double kitchen sink with a single industrial sink. So much easier for filling pots and doing dishes.”


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“We painted several rooms in our house. My husband and I gained a new skill, saved a lot of money by doing it all ourselves, learned how well we work together, and love the results.”


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“Under-sink water heater. You don’t have to waste 5 gallons of water. Just wait for it to get even warm.”

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