Do you abstain from alcohol? If so, what are your reasons?

An internet user asked, “People who don’t drink alcohol, why?”. Below are the top responses people came up with.

Car Accident And Loss Of Fiance

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“A bad car accident back in 2008 and losing my fiance in it. When I learned about it after I woke up from my coma. I have survivor guilt and massive depression. I don’t drink to stay here. If I drink I will end it all. I can’t do that.”

Takes Me 2 Days To Feel Physically Normal

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“Takes me 2 days to feel physically normal and like 4 days to be in a good mood after drinking. Don’t see the appeal.”

Grew Up A Nerd & Realized It’s Ill-Effects Later

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“Grew up a nerd so I didn’t touch the stuff when I was young. When I was old enough to drink, I was old enough to see how many alcoholics were already there in my family.

Finally, every doctor I’ve ever told ‘I don’t drink’ has replied ‘Good’.”

Went To The Hospital For Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

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“Hard liquor every night, started to see dependence setting in and stopped enjoying it, and started to interfere with work.

The final straw was when I went to the hospital for severe withdrawal symptoms. I’m about three weeks in not a drop, going to rehab for a month in a couple of days for a month.

Wish me blessings…”

Long Family History Of Alcohol Addiction

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“Long family history of people dealing and failing to control their alcohol addiction. So the best way to make sure this won’t happen to me is to avoid it as much as possible.”

The Idea Of Not Having Control Over My Thoughts Seems Scary

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“I’m always scared to not feel well and I don’t like the feeling of not being able to control my thoughts very clearly.”

Because I’m Allergic

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“Because I’m allergic. Break out in handcuffs, misdemeanors, and felonies, ya know…”

My Kidneys Hurt

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“I used to. Now: I don’t like the way it makes me feel. My kidneys hurt afterward.”

Tastes Awful And Makes You Feel Weird

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“I don’t like anything about it. Tastes awful, I hate the feeling of being buzzed/drunk, and despise hangovers.”

Wastes Money, Causes Headaches, And Results In Beer Belly

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“Wastes money. Causes headaches and a beer belly. Makes people unsafe drivers. I’ve seen how it ruined my boyfriend’s life before he died.”

Don’t Wanna Feel More Physically Disoriented

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“Simply not interested. I’m already mentally and physically disoriented 24/7, and don’t want to experience it even more.”

It Was Meddling With My Medication

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“It was meddling with my medication.”, said one.

“This for me as well, and with as expensive healthcare and medication costs are, no way I’m messing up my health with some overpriced spicy poison water.”, another added.

I Despise Hangovers

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“Hangovers aren’t worth it at all and my nerves get really sensitive whenever I drink.”

It’s Literally Poison

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“Alcohol is the only drug, if you don’t partake, people think there is something wrong with you.

Your body rejects alcohol; it hates it. I realize the cheeky answer from the Brewsters would be…’ Well, mine doesn’t!’ Not true. It does.

Not only is alcohol literally poison, it can strip your body of valuable nutrients and has a great effect on the CNS.

With all of that said, have I drunk? Yes. Probably more than a small village. But I can say, in every bad decision I have ever made I was intoxicated.

One day, I just decided to stop. Best decision I have ever made. My wife still drinks but I have zero desire based on my past experience. If I even have a tiny sip anymore, I feel a bit ill. Not for me.”

Don’t Wanna Feel More Depressed

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“I can get depressed enough without drinking alcohol – no need to exacerbate matters.”

Tastes Gross, Is Expensive And Ruins Your Health

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“Tastes gross, is expensive, makes you feel like weird, and is extremely bad for you. The better question is, why does anyone drink it?”

It’s Bad For The Muscles

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“I go to the gym several times a week and alcohol is pretty bad for the muscles.”

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