The world’s escalating crises are being met with alarming apathy, and the situation is deteriorating. It’s imperative for individuals to recognize the gravity of these issues and take action now.

A user asked the forum, “What terrifying event is happening in the world right now that most people ignore?” Let’s have a look at the top answers.


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“The birds are disappearing, most likely because the bugs are, too.”


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“Here in the UK, water companies have been dumping tonnes and tonnes of sewage into our river systems and into the sea, making some beaches close. It is truly disgusting, and the whole water industry is in about £60bn of debt and could collapse.”


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“The seals are dying of Avian flu in Chile.”


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“Cats dying of bird flu in Poland, mammal to mammal transmission confirmed.”


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“Ocean currents slowing.”


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“Heatwaves in India are killing possibly thousands of people; it’s not in the media anywhere and is probably also going on in other countries such as Mexico and the southern US.

A civil war and possible genocide are going on in Sudan right now; no one cares, not even with the potentially thousands or maybe even millions of refugees this creates.

Possible human health catastrophes are incoming with all the poisonous and cancerous chemicals coming from microplastics, pesticides, and so many other beauty products we use daily, which scientists have been warning us about for decades.

No one is interviewing these scientists anymore, writing about the problem anywhere, or even trying to find out what kind of actual health hazards will evolve from our careless use of all these chemicals constantly.”


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“Bacterial resistance, due to the overuse of antibiotics and bacterial evolution, bacteria are able to develop themselves and change their DNA and cellular structure to become immune to antibiotics.

Now there are certain infections that cant be treated with the same antibiotics that were effective 10-20 years ago.

In the near future, we may return to the pre-antibiotic age in which simple lung or urinary infections can kill us simply because we don’t have effective antibiotics.”


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“The massive destruction of our coral reefs.”


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“Depression has become an epidemic disease.”


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“The rise of surveillance capitalism and AI. Privacy is essentially nonexistent anymore, and it feels like absolutely no one cares.”


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“I’m not entirely educated on this, but here it is. Supposedly 7000 Mexican children went missing on our side of the us border over the last ten years or so. If anyone is more knowledgeable about this, I’d love to know more.”


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“Human rights violation in Pakistan. Over 10000 people arrested are kept in death cells while the temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius. All because they support a political party. 80% of Pakistan supports that political party.

On top of that, the current regime has violated many laws, including elections with 90 days, exceeding the caretaker government to more than 90 days.

Moreover, some leaders of the party are in hiding, so they raid their houses, misbehaved the women, break stuff, and steal cars (yes, police stealing), and the world doesn’t care.”


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“Fireflies numbers are drastically decreasing.”


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“Cobalt mining- thousands and thousands of children are being sent to mine for cobalt (a precious metal used to power iPhones and Tesla cars) for a dollar a day.

There are people crowded together with no equipment besides a hammer, giving us, in our first-world countries, the latest Apple phone that we so desperately need. 

The media refuses to report this- because god knows what would happen if we stop using Tesla cars. Look, there’s nothing wrong with preparing for a global crisis, but the problem is that there’s a crisis going on right now that everyone chooses to ignore.”


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“Mining companies from Canada are invading/destroying the biodiversity in Central America. Quantum mining, for example, in Panama, you can check the pics on Google; it’s very sad as the rainforest is quite diverse in that country. All because of gold and other metals but mostly gold.

Funny how nature is protected in Canada, yet these companies exploit 3rd world countries. Scumbags.”

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