Apart from all the sensual stuff, there are certain things men find extremely attractive in a woman.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “what is something you like about women that has nothing to do with their body?”, and here are the top responses.



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“If it is a woman you love, then there is no other sound sweeter than her laughter.”, said one user.

I love it when my wife cracks up about something I could never laugh about.”, said another user.



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When they hang on you, like you’re their rock but in reality it’s the reverse.”, said one user.

“One of my exes had a habit, whenever we held hands she would gently stroke/hold my arm with her free hand as well.

It was unconscious on her part and I loved it, another time I held her left hand with my right one (usually the other way round) and she went; ‘oh nope nope nope this feels wrong’ and did a cute little shuffle to my other side to hold my other hand.”, said another user. 



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How tough and protective they can be when things get serious.”, said one user.

“Even women who tend to be quiet or shy can go ‘mama bear’ real fast if necessary.”, said another user. 



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Well I’ll speak about my wife. Her ease of giving me her unconditional love.

We’ve been married for 36 years, never raising our voices in anger and she says she gets butterflies in her tummy when she comes home from work to see me.

We had that common couple conversation once about how in the event one of us died we’d both want the other to find love again and she said she doesn’t think she could date anyone because it wouldn’t be fair to them as she’d be comparing them to me all the time.

Everytime I think about that I melt and want to wake up worthy of such adoration. Love is amazing.”, said one user.



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That little shimmy thing you guys do when we present you with food while you are comfortable. Absolutely love it.”, said one user.



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When they are passionate about something and get excited and they start talking super fast.

Then they apologize for talking so much even though I’ve been listening super intently because if they care about something so much I want to hear why.

And they get all flustered and try to change the subject because they’re embarrassed and then you hit them with a follow up question that shows you were paying attention the whole time and their eyes just widen up and sparkle.”, said one user.



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“The way they act like goofy goobers when they all get together”, said one user.



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I love how they notice each other’s outfits and compliment each other.”, said one user.



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They have a wildly different perspective on people, the world, relationships, etc, than men do.”, said one user.



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“My current girlfriend changed me. She accepted me as I am, all my vulnerabilities, inside and out.”, said one user.


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