Although the quarantine in 2020 was pretty damaging for everyone, there were a few things that were good about it. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What do you miss about quarantine in 2020?”, and here are the top responses. 



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The traffic. There was none. It was glorious.”, said one user.

“It was nice. It made learning how to drive on open roads so much easier.  Got enough confidence to be fine as the traffic started coming back.”, said another user.



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Working in a psychiatric ward, I obviously couldn’t do “home office”.

But I loved the post-apocalyptic feeling of driving to work through my nearly abandoned hometown. Felt like ‘I Am Legend’.”, said one user. 



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I lost a good amount of weight in 2020, because I could really focus on it, and didn’t have a lot of surprising eating situations,” said one user.



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The lack of a need to be accomplishing anything. We were all stuck inside.

There was no FOMO, there was no ‘you need to be advancing in your career’ stuff, there was just ‘hey, we can’t go anywhere for a while. Hang out, do what you can to stay sane, watch some Tiger King and get into botany. “

It was a worldwide catch of our breath (and yes I see the irony in that statement).”, said one user. 



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I’m in an essential industry, so I had to work.

For the first six months, empty roads. After that, 100% work from home.”, said one user.



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I hate feeling like a bad friend/person because I’m too tired to attend every social function people I know invite me to. It was nice having my time to do with as I pleased with no expectations from anyone else.”, said one user.



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“Not having to interact with people was the best thing. At least for introverts.”, said one user.

“Spending 24/7 with my kids and husband felt really nice.”, said one user.



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I miss feeling connected to everyone and that we were all in this together.”, said one user. 

“The feeling of togetherness that it brought. You had this feeling of “we’re all in this pandemic together so we need to support each other” that brought people into a camaraderie to survive and emotionally support during that time.”, said another user. 



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I miss the vulnerability of it all.

People seemed more open to talking about their challenges, and were learning to be alone (or going crazy trying). Also, the pursuit of hobbies”, said one user.



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“I found out I was pregnant in January 2020. I had my whole pregnancy and first months of motherhood during the full lockdown. It was awesome.

I didn’t have to try to go to the office while nauseous or anything. Got to do my whole pregnancy in yoga pants and my husband’s t-shirts. Gave birth in the hospital with no one but my husband. No visitors or anything – which was amazing, just let me bond with my daughter.”, said one user. 


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