Not everyone is a social butterfly; there’s nothing worse when work demands people to be one!

A netizen recently asked, “What’s a job that makes decent money, but I don’t have to be around people? I have absolutely zero charisma. I don’t care what kind of work. I’ve done it all just about. I prefer to be outside, but that’s a preference.” 

We’ve compiled the top responses below:


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“I was an asbestos air monitor. It was a lonely job, and I was not too fond of it, but it might be up your alley. In my state, it’s just a 40-hour course to get certified + OSHA (Occupational Safety And Health Administration)10. 

Drive to the site, set up air pumps, sit by yourself all day while occasionally making sure the pumps are still running, collect samples at the end of the day, and drop them off at the lab. I’d say roughly half my work was outside, but even if it’s an interior project, you’re free to hang around outside as long as you’re still within the ‘site.'”


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“Film/Television Editing or Visual Effects. The higher you go, the more people skills you need, but it’s still mainly work you do yourself. You’ll be around people in an office but not interacting much for work.”


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“Heavy Machine Operator. My dream is to sit in a crane all day alone and move things or an excavator and dig things.”


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“A friend did house-to-house meter checks for the gas company. He never had to be around other people. I think it was $30k then, it may be $40k now (or still $30k).” 


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“Data Analyst. Most of my coworkers have no desire to talk to anyone outside the team, and if you do talk to people, it’s usually through Microsoft Teams or Zoom.”


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“Pest control technician. Your employer will train you and pay you well, and you spend your days alone, visiting houses, spraying chemicals, and removing cobwebs. Everyone will leave you alone.”


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“Waste collection! I did it for a few years before finding my career. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days I missed it.”


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“Medical lab scientist. It’s a career in high demand, too. Perfect for introverts who want to get their stuff done in peace, and it’s a career that directly helps people.”


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“911 dispatcher. It’s hard work, and the job can be overwhelming, but it is a rewarding job. Plus, almost all centers are understaffed, so overtime galore.”


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“When I was a kid, my best friend’s mom worked as a blood pathologist in the hospital overnight shift. She never interacted with anyone for like 30 years on the job. She would go through the cases she had done in the machine and go home.”


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“Biomedical technician. My office is next to these guys in the hospital where I work. They fix hospital beds, blood pressure machines, and various electronics. Porters bring the stuff to them, they fix it, and porters take the stuff back. They play music there all day. It looks like a nice gig.” 


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“Anything involving machinery/production, especially if you are on the maintenance/engineering side. I’ve done machine maintenance my entire career (26+ years).

I dabbled in engineering, but it wasn’t for me. I make over $90k/year with ten weeks’ leave and medical coverage. I also work from home and have no commute. There is some interaction with humans, but not much.”


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“Information and Technology for a global organization. I used to manage 5000+ systems and never talked to another person. It was glorious!”


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“You probably can get paid $70-80K a year, I’d say. Lots of outdoor time.” 


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“Computer-aided operators are always needed. Depending on the type of position, you’re usually on your drawing stuff up. Utility companies offer good money for this line of work, and some positions even allow you to work remotely.”

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