Have you ever thought about how some people are too comfortable doing some things that might not be good for them, other humans around them, and society in general? 

A user asked the forum, “What made you say “Do people actually do this?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Stealing someone else’s lunch from the fridge in the company break room.”


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“Job recruiters saying ‘I’ll call you back’ and not calling back, even when they say something like ‘I’ll call you back by Thursday, and I want you to be ready to start working then.'”


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“Those videos where people are climbing insane structures without any safety line. I get sweaty palms just watching.”


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“The first time I tried DoorDash and saw all the fees.”


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“Browsing apartments for rent on Zillow makes me think, ‘Can people afford any of this?'”


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“The popularity of the fake/scripted clips/videos. How do people enjoy watching that? I can’t wrap my head around it.”


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“Seeing people go to bed with their shoes on.”


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“Have a second child when their first one has a lifelong disability, ‘so they can take care of their sibling later in life.’

My jaw hit the floor when I found this one out, but everyone around me acted as if that’s a common thing people do.

Am I the weird one? How can you dictate what your child will do later if it burdens them with something significant? How do you believe it’ll just magically work out? Plus, most of all, no one thought this was selfish and a little crazy?”


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“Cave diving or small cave exploring. I get the shakes just thinking about it.”


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“Tolerating corporate exploitation to the point of risking health.”


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“When people believe the flat earth theory. I always wonder if they’re willfully ignorant, doing it for attention, or just an idiot.”


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“Wearing a tie. It serves no purpose, is uncomfortable, and looks ridiculous.”


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“Hot Yoga. I went once and have questioned the sanity of anyone who went twice.”


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“Fantasy football. I never understood why people get so invested they let it affect their emotions. Like, it’s just football, man.”


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“Littering. Your tiny paper wrapper fell, and the wind blew it away? That’s okay. It happens, but throwing a whole bag of your trash out of our car instead of stopping and putting it in any bin (even someone’s bin if it’s reachable), why would you do that?”


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“Not wearing socks, why would you do that? It’s uncomfortable; your feet will sweat more, and you are more prone to fungal infections.”

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