Being a woman is often challenging, as we are often judged and criticized for our actions, appearance, choices, and everything in between. From a young age, we are taught how to behave and what to do, and it can be frustrating to be judged based on outdated gender norms instead of being valued for our individuality.

Someone asked on a forum, what are some stuff that is socially acceptable for a man to do but frowned upon when a woman does it

Being Single

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“Being single in general, i think, is more socially acceptable for guys.”

Missing Major Family Events

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“Missing major family events like birthdays, games. Gatherings, graduation. If the dad is working, it’s accepted. If a mother is working, it’s neglect.”

Body Hair

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“Letting body hair grow.”  Unfortunately, this is something that other women judge too.

Hair Naturally Turning Grey 

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“Letting your hair go naturally grey before you’re very old.”

Mountain of Food

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“Serving yourself a mountain of food at dinner.”

Missing Time With Kids

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“Being dedicated to your work and missing time with your kids.”

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Babysit Kids

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“‘Babysit’ your kids. Thankfully it’s falling out, but the amount of times my dad got asked by our family if he was ‘babysitting’ us while my mum was busy was wild. No, he’s not babysitting us; he’s a parent. My mum never got asked if she was ‘babysitting‘ us while dad was busy.”


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Welding. My mother had a hell of a time just trying to do her job without guys messing with her and thinking either she was stupid or didn’t know what she was doing even though they went through the same classes, and she’s been doing it longer than most.”

Continue Working After Kids

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“I have been surprised to discover that it’s not 100% socially acceptable for women to continue working after having a baby while the baby’s father stays home. I’ve gotten more than a few negative comments about it. So has my partner. Did not expect that to be an issue for people still.”

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Not Wanting Kids

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“Not wanting to have kids, if you’re a woman who decided to be child-free, people will call you lonely, selfish, and act like you’re wasting your life because apparently, all women are here for is breeding.

Once you’re 40-50 with no kids, society will insist you regret your decision not to have kids & will end up lonely with nobody in your life & 50 cats!”

Sitting Alone In A Bar

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“The last time I tried, an angry man asked me “what I was doing there.” (I was getting dinner cooked for me in a restaurant/bar). I’ve never had a pleasant experience in a bar alone.”


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“Bragging about how many people you’ve slept with.”

Camping Alone

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“Weirdly, camping. I like to camp alone because it’s very therapeutic. My family scowls when I talk about it.

When the husband camps alone, he gets pats on the back and survivalist discussions. When I do, people look at him like he’s failing, and I get comments on safety.”

Be Angry

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“Same with getting emotional; crying. Especially in politics. If a woman raises to get a voice or cries in a committee or anything, she’s “too emotional to lead. “When men do it, meh, no big deal. Which is odd because, in everyday life, it’s the opposite.”

Shaving Head

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“Shaving your head. I do it several times a year and find it completely free. But have been judged for it by some. “Real women don’t shave their head” kind of thing. Why not?”

Stem Jobs

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“Women doing tech jobs or anything STEM related, having more money than their husband or being the main provider for the family, being better at sports/weight lifting, playing dungeons and dragons, playing computer games or any other type of games, playing too rough with kids, being a lawyer/police officer/fireman, owning property and asking the husband to marry her rather than just waiting for him to ask the woman.”

Manly Jobs

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“Doing jobs that require physical strength or were once considered “manly” like being a mechanic, firefighter, etc.

Edit: Yes, I know men are stronger, and there’s evidence backing it. Women can still be capable. Some of you need to realize that some people work out.”


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“The way we sit. Men take up more physical space than women typically do with how legs are positioned.”

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