The film industry has produced countless masterpieces and made some truly terrible films over the years. Some movies have become cult classics, while others are simply forgotten. A user asked the forum, “What is the historically worst movie ever filmed?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“The Day The Clown Cried is so bad that apparently, Jerry Lewis wouldn’t let anyone see it. It is about a man who plays a clown in 1940s Nazi Germany, who works in a concentration camp, and his job is to lead children to the gas chamber playfully.”


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“Everyone else is wrong. Star Wars Holiday Special was so bad that Lucas has tried to erase every copy his whole career. XKCD even made a comic joking about how bad it is compared to classically “bad” movies like Manos.”

ROAR (1981)

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“Historically the worst shooting schedule of all time (5 years; 11 years in production) plus the massive injuries suffered by 70 people (cast & crew) from attacks by the main stars of the film: over 130 big cats, primarily lions, and tigers.

Fifteen of these cats escaped during production, with three lions being shot and killed by sheriffs when they threatened residents.

Upon release (finally) in 1981, it made just $2M on a ballooned budget of $17M—an unmitigated disaster.”


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“Plan Nine from Outer Space by Ed Wood is highly regarded as the worst movie ever.”


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“Manos The Hands Of Fate is widely considered the worst movie ever.”


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“Birth of a Nation is the most harmful, so I’ll go with that.”


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“Paint Your Wagon, is an old West Miners musical starring Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood. The movie was a budget disaster. The producer tried to control the movie over the director in front of the cast. 

Marvin was drunk and combative for most of the movie. Eastwood was doing the job of the female lead, Jean Seberg, and then he ghosted her while the movie was still being made. The extras were hippies who had a commune in rural Oregon where they shot and struck for more money. The set was too far in the sticks from the nearest town, which caused a lot of problems. The budget doubled due to travel issues. It was a mess.”


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“Leonard part 6. You know it’s bad when the serial star denounces it and tries to block its release.”


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“Hour of the Gun, starring James Garner. The depiction of the shootout at the OK Corral was horrifically wrong, like there was a bridge.”


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“My personal worst is the double team with Jean Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodeman. I used the movie as background noise while playing sims, and I still had to turn it off.”


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“The human centipede. The most disgusting movie.”


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“Historically? Like inaccurate? Braveheart. Fantastic movie, but historically way off.”


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“The worst I’ve ever watched in a theatre was a movie called Suburban Commando starring Hulk Hogan. In one scene, you could see the microphone hanging above them.”


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“Heaven’s Gate is the film that bankrupted United Artists and wrecked Michael Cimino’s career. It was pretty terrible, probably not the absolute worst.”

BURIED (2010)

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“Movie about a guy who gets buried alive and only has a cell phone, trying to get saved before he runs out of oxygen. It stars Ryan Reynolds, who does fantastic acting, but the entire movie is shots of him inside a coffin from various angles. It felt like the movie cost $20 to make.”

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