We all work hard for our money, so being wise with our spending is essential. However, it’s common to see people buying things that seem like a waste of money, and we often wonder why they do that. A user asked the forum, “What’s a total waste of money that people still pay for?”

Here are the top responses! 


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“Multi-level marketing products are stupidly overpriced, and the packaging looks exceptionally cheap.

Honestly, the products look/feel cheap, not just the packaging. I got tricked by a friend into buying a face product that would help reduce fine lines, but all it did was give my face hives, even though it claimed the ingredients to be ‘all-natural’”


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“Internet service providers that still don’t offer unlimited data plans.”


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“Extended warranties on something like a small appliance under $200. It is exchangeable at the store during its original warranty, and the inconvenience, shipping charges, or service fee makes it not worth it.”


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“The bag of spinach in my refrigerator that was purchased to replace the previous (and now spoiled) bag of spinach.”


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“The money people send to celebrity preachers.”


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“Food delivery from third-party apps. Not only is takeout already expensive, but you are also paying a 10–20% upcharge on the menu, then there’s the fees and tip.”


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“Huge Weddings. Why drop $50-100k? Why drop that much money on an event? Yes, the memory is important, but some folks drop ridiculous amounts on the perfect even when a much smaller one would be more intimate and not bankrupt someone.”


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“Cigarettes (smoking in general), you burn your money.”


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“10mm socket. It’ll be gone before you can get a chance to use it.”


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“95% of gym supplements. Aside from caffeine and creatine, they have yet to be vetted enough to be called effective, and the ones that have are never effective. 

Edit: yes, protein is good; include it in the 5%.”


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“The ultra-thin 1-ply budget toilet paper. Today, I tried to pull out just a few squares, but that cheap stuff tears even under the lightest touch. I got so frustrated that I pulled out way more than I needed. 

Then, to make matters worse, I accidentally hit the string on my hoodie, and the metal tip smacked me in the eye. Now I need to go to work with only one working eye for the rest of the day, all because someone bought the cheap stuff to save a few dollars.”


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“I think paying a ton extra for natural diamonds, especially blood diamonds, is a waste of money. Lab-created diamonds are practically the same as natural ones, and moissanite looks even better than natural diamonds. 

To put it simply, I could spend 25 Canadian Dollars on a 1-carat certified white moissanite, 641 Canadian Dollars on a 1-carat lab-grown (flawless) diamond, or 1,760 Canadian Dollars on an ethically sourced, certified 1-carat white diamond. The last option is a bit harder but slightly less sparkly than moissanite.

Yeah, I’ll stick with moissanite or lab-grown. I think diamonds are boring as a gem anyways, and I’d never buy one more than .5 carat unless it was an excellent deal or for a partner.”


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“Bottled Water! Get a filter for your faucet or a Brita pitcher. You don’t need individual plastic bottles of water for the home.”


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“Donating to big YouTubers when they live stream, for the feeling of someone popular saying your name.”


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“Coffee drinks. I have perfected the art of making one good cup of coffee at a time at home, and when I did the math, I realized I was spending $4-6 per day before, and now I’m paying $0.75 per day without lines or apps or being asked how to spell my simple name or whatever.”

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