Some acronyms are so weird you can’t think about them and not laugh. A netizen recently asked, “What’s the most unfortunate acronym you’ve ever encountered?”. Below are the top responses!


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“In the weeks after the planes hit the towers on 9/11, the media started their war drums and called it The War Against Terror (TWAT). Then someone noticed, and it was memory-holed.” 


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“Point Of Sale. It feels fitting calling it a POS system since cash registers seem to break/freeze often.”


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“Cerebral Palsy is regularly shortened to CP. I have a son with CP. Don’t google ‘CP young boys.'” 


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“In the hotel industry, there’s a common class of software called Property Management Systems (PMS). You learn about them on training day 1, so you can get the PMS jokes out of the way.”


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“From long ago, when Nixon was running for a second term as President. The Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP). How fitting.” 


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“At a sales job I worked at previously, people would shout out when they were a proud member of the Budget Busting Club (BBC). I mentioned a few times to my boss that new hires kept asking me what was wrong with people when they’d see an email like:

‘Got a couple of big sales over here in X Location today after a few quiet days! Finally hit the BBC!’ As far as I know, they’re still doing it.” 


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“Save The Date (STD). The wedding planning group I was in had lots of posts about STDs. Poor girls had no clue.”


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“There’s a lawyer in my town whose name is Isabelle Solomon. She practiced immigration law. What is the name of her practice? Isabelle Solomon Immigration Services (ISIS).

Right on her front door, a giant old decal that said ISIS.”


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“Never take a Computer On Wheels (COW) to the maternity ward. As the newly nursing mothers don’t like hearing ‘Where’s the COW?'”


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“SCAT Airlines. It’s a Kazakh airline whose name stands for ‘Special Cargo Air Transport.’ I stumbled upon it while planning a trip, and it’s stuck with me.”


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“The Philippines is home to an Islamic terrorist organization aligned with ISIS. Their name? The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).”


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“Short-Term Disability insurance is frequently abbreviated to STD. Nothing like hearing a coworker casually say, ‘I got him some STD last week.'”


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“You know the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, often called SNAP or food stamps? Well, in Michigan, it’s just called the Food Assistance Program.” 


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“I asked my Human Resources if there was anything regarding pension planning, etc.

I was told to consult the Voluntary Employment Retirement Program. So, VERP it is.”


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“Near my house is the Traffic Management Institute(TMI).”

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