Most people find it easier to stick to their existing beliefs, opinions, and perspectives, which is why a fixed mindset is more common.

A netizen recently asked, “What is your “I will never change my mind about this”? Read on to know people’s interesting takes and thought-provoking responses on the matter.

New Gadgets Every Year Isn’t Cool

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“My friends are idiots for getting a new car every year even though the cars they have are perfectly fine.” Said one. 

“Same for the idiots who always ‘need’ the newest phone.” Another added. 

Buttons and Dials Are Better Than Touchpads

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“Remember when we used to write text messages in school without looking? Just by the touch of the buttons, t9 was the thing.” Said one. 

“I got so smooth at T9. Siri to text has gotten better, but I miss when I could text with one hand and have it be exactly right. I felt like it was a really useless superpower, but a superpower nonetheless.” Another added. 

Parking Fees In Hospitals Are NOT DONE 

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“Paying for parking at a hospital is not ok. Nothing will ever make this ok.” Said one. 

“I work at a hospital and it disgusts me that people have to pay to park. One local hospital charges employees $500 a month to park at their job and “visitor”(patients) parking is 24 dollars a day.” Another added. 

Homeopathy Is A Scam

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“Homeopathy is a dangerous scam that kills people.

The only thing more greedy than pharmaceutical companies is charging $50 for a small vial of water (or box of sugar pills) and pretending it’s medicine to people who are desperate.” Said one. 

“At best it’s only expensive water or sugar, at worst it’s actually poison because (in the US) homeopathy is completely unregulated.” Another added. 

“I Don’t Want Kids”

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“I don’t want kids. Never did. Never will. I am 42 and married, so please stop asking me about it.” Said one. 

“I’m 39 and literally every year that goes by I get more and more thankful I never let anyone pressure me into having kids I didn’t want. I’m female and had multiple partners push it. So thankful I never caved.” Another added. 

Gambling Is A NO-GO ZONE

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“I am steadfastly opposed to gambling in all forms, lotteries, casinos, sports bets, etc.  Always have been, and always will be. I have never, and will never, partake in gambling” Said one. 

“This is also a good one. Never set foot in a casino or a strip club. I’m not great with money, but I’m not sure how my life would improve by entering those places.” Another added. 

Animal Abusers Deserve Death

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“People that abuse animals for pleasure deserve death.” Said one. 

“People who abuse animals for any reason* (except for mental problems, that should be diagnosed and treated I guess).” Another added. 

Companies Should Take The Lead For Environmental Concerns 

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“Being environmentally conscious is pretty pointless if companies don’t change their ways.” Said one. 

“I used to work retail and the amount of plastic we would throw out in one truckload of stock was more than I could realistically produce in months.  We had several trucks a week.  That pretty much killed any motivation I had to reduce my waste.” Another added. 

It’s A Woman’s Right To Have A Safe Abortion 

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“Women should always have access to safe abortion.” Said one. 

“This one is mine too. There are very few things I’ll never change my mind on – but I’m confident that AFAB people having full human rights is not something I will ever change my mind about.” Another added. 

The 9-5 Work Model Is A Trap

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“The 9 – 5 work model that humans created is anti-human.  It is poisonous, it is toxic, it is despicable.  That 40 hrs is considered full time with only 2 days for self, is abominable.  It demands that most of your time awake be spent in that model.  It is a system that treats humans as robots and only allows 2 or 3 wks of rest for the entire year.   It controls and limits.  People who promote the term ‘work-life’ balance have no idea what balance means.”

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