When entering a romantic relationship, many girls have certain expectations and dealbreakers they consider unacceptable in a partner.

A user asked the forum, “What is your biggest turn-off in a man?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“Generally, dishonesty and lack of respect are major turn-offs in a man for many people.”


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“Insulting their friend in front of girls to look cool.”


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“Anger issues or a controlling personality.”


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“When they don’t know how to do any domestic work. Also, when they are bad fathers. I’ve had older guys flirt with me and brag about how they have several kids and never changed a diaper. Huge turn-off.”


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“Lack of accountability, inability to compromise, no communication skills, and just general refusal to practice introspection. Say sorry if you’re wrong. Find a way to include me if something has been taking up a lot of your time. Talk to me if you’re not happy with something. Take the time to think about what you can do better and how your actions affect others. Be an adult.

Edit: This isn’t gender specific. I’d apply this to women as well. People often aren’t fully developed, and they don’t know what healthy relationships look like. My turn-offs are pretty universal.”


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“Tests. If you like me for me, then why are you testing your perception of my integrity?”


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“His unsolicited bragging about all the people he’s banged.”


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“The excessive use of mobile phones and social media.”


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“A lack of empathy, somebody who cannot function as an adult despite being one, and someone who needs to involve their parents in every decision they make.”


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“Extremes. Like extreme smokers, extremely religious, and extremely picky eaters. Anything in moderation is still okay.”


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“Bullying narcissist, arrogance. Unable to hold a conversation, etc.”


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“A bad temper is in my top 5 turn-offs.”


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“Not having their own opinion and doing everything their friends do.”


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“The continual complaining about everything and everything, breakups, disappointments, dirty laundry, and posting their entire life on social media.”


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“Casual racism. It’s not acceptable.”


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“Being too talkative. I like quiet guys like myself.”


1. playing video games
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“Gaming addiction, sure, playing games as a distraction or a way to cope is fine. But choosing games over family, real friends, and partners is not okay.”


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Jealous men are pathetic. It shows that they don’t view themselves as the prize or as the dominant one in the relationship.

A man who can’t laugh at himself.

A man who keeps apologizing over petty things (not when we have had a direct discussion and I have called him out on genuinely doing something that has hurt me).

I’m kind of submissive, and I like a man who has good self-esteem and is sure of himself.”

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