We all have some fear that makes us worried.  

A user asked the forum, “What’s a big fear you have that people don’t take seriously?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Becoming 80 years old and not having enough money for groceries.”


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“Bedbugs. Not that other people know I fear it. But when someone comes to my place and sits on my couch, I get tense. Even when I come home after riding the bus/subway or theater, I look at my clothes like a biohazard.”


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“An old virus (or whatever) is released from the permafrost, making COVID-19 look quaint.”


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“Fear of abandonment. They say, ‘I won’t leave you,’ like that’s the issue, I can’t trust that you won’t leave me.”


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“Fear of being single forever. Nobody takes loneliness that seriously, especially regarding being single.”


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“Driving. It’s unnatural, dangerous, and most of you are wretched at it.”


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“Pregnancy/childbirth/the entire concept of motherhood. People say things like ‘It’s natural!’, ‘Everyone does it!’, ‘You won’t even remember the pain!’ and ‘Having kids is the biggest joy in life.’ Good for you! I don’t care; it’s still terrifying to me!”


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“Fear of the dark may have to do with fear of the unknown and the new. Maybe I’m afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone.”


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“Not me, but my good friend. She has bad Trypophobia, basically disgust or fear of seeing patterns of holes. People don’t take it seriously; they send her pictures asking if this bothers you. 

Because of it, she curls up in the fetal position in bed, cowering from a strange fear that she can barely even articulate. Ignorance of things like this makes people not take it seriously and become very cruel.”


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“I am terrified of open water.”


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“Fear of eating in front of other people.”


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“Balloons. I hate them, and people think it’s funny. I find them disgusting. A sack of someone’s stale breath. Get it away from me now!”


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“Motorbikes. My dad rode one all through my childhood, and since he was about 16. He had so many accidents. One that nearly ripped his foot off, and we thought he wouldn’t make it. He passed away three and a half years ago in a bike accident. I will never get on one.”


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“Large roaches. I don’t just dislike them; I’m terrified. It’s a lot for me.”


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“Severe economic crisis, particularly with energy markets, but anything disruptive that can freeze access to essentials.

The world is a very complex and fragile machine. I don’t know how quickly things can deteriorate in even the most developed places. There are so many cogs that need work in synchrony, and it’s fantastic to marvel at, but miss about nine meals or command people to tear one another apart.”


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“Frogs. I’m terrified of frogs, and people think I’m over dramatic.”


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“Being sick and going out in public. I’m not just talking about COVID-19, although COVID-19 did bring to light that there are immunocompromised people in this world. I had a friend who recently passed away from the flu. Thirty-eight years old and immunocompromised.

I go to places like Target or the grocery store and see people who look like death walking around and coughing everywhere like we didn’t just go through a pandemic that taught us how scary-simple illnesses can potentially be for some.”


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A user said, “I have severe emetophobia. As in, ‘it has ruined my life pretty much entirely, and every thought, every action, every decision, is about it’ levels of severe. The amount of times I’ve told people I have a severe phobia of throwing up or of any mention of it, only to get the response of ‘Well, nobody likes throwing up, haha’ is astonishing.”

Another added, “I understand it’s a normal bodily function, but I’ve never done it, so it’s unknown aspects freak me out. I know I won’t die if I throw up, but I’m scared about the pain and anxiety it will cause me.”


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“Brain aneurysms terrify me. The idea is that something suddenly pops and can kill you or cause lasting damage. It’s always freaked me out ever since I knew what they were. 

I had some nights where I struggled to sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking it could happen any second. Plus, then telling yourself not to think about it is weird because you start thinking about your brain even more.”

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