Men, do you feel there’s something a man has to go through in his everyday life that women can never comprehend?

A netizen recently asked, “What are some of the more subtle things about being a man that women might not understand?”. Below are the top responses.

Not All Men Who Like Kids Are Wrong

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“That men can be genuinely interested in kids and not be a predator. I’m blessed by good genes with a very young and friendly face that most children love. So while I don’t love young kids, I get along well with them and most parents are fine with their kids approaching me even though I’m on the slightly bigger side.

One of my friends has a really serious face and he absolutely adores children. He loves playing with all the kids my friends have and he’s a child at heart. But there were innumerable instances when parents picked up their kids and ran away from him because he wanted to play with the kids. Even when he has his own kid.

It’s sad for him really, and women will never understand this feeling of being treated like a freak when deep down you’re more like a teddy bear than anything.”

Men Don’t Have A Comfort Person

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“IDK about you guys, but I have nowhere that I feel comfortable opening up. My wife would listen, but then I would feel like I’m less in her eyes. My parents would listen, but they’re ready to retire – why make them worry about my mental health? It’s all just really heavy when you put it on yourself.”

Making New Friends Is Far More Difficult For Men

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“If I’m going out to a bar, club, social gathering, or event:

If I want to meet new people and make new friends I will have to be 50x more outgoing and charismatic than you.”

Men Don’t Need To Take Pictures For Having Fun

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“That we can have fun without taking pictures. My best friends of over 17 years with whom I have only a couple of pictures. When we hang out we’re just always in the moment and never think to take a picture of it.”

Men Don’t Get Help As Easily

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“People aren’t defaulting on ‘helpful’ mode for me. They’re annoyed. I slowed down to ask a question.”

Men Need To Get Dressed Decently To Not Get Labeled

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“Men have to watch the way they dress and style their hair as well. Women think men can wear anything and be fine since men can’t be shamed for it but they can certainly be labeled.

People will look at you and label you as a thug, hobo, assaulter, offender, dangerous, uneducated, etc. This can cost you different opportunities and have people think you just give off bad vibes.”

Threat Of Violence

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“Threat of violence. Yes, I know it’s a dangerous world and women have to take special care to not fall victim to predators and most women observe the social contract pretty well, but I’ve seen an awful lot of women who are just rude, condescending and confrontational, just because.

They are only this way because, under the social contract, there is little threat should they say the wrong thing or cross the line. In the last month, I’ve conversed with not less than three women who, if they were men, very well could have gotten knocked the hell out for things they said or did or at the very least started a very heated altercation.”

Men Don’t Receive Social Support Or Sympathy

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“When we experience difficulties we get nowhere near as much support as women do. Injured? Robbed? Out of money? Family issues? We are at the bottom of the ladder.”

When Around Women, Men Got To Be Extra Conscious

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“How conscious we are when we happen to be walking behind a woman down the street, and how we suddenly need to stop and tie our shoelaces/check our watch/cross the street.”

Men Have A Built In Instinct To Check If Someone’s Behind Them While Walking Through A Door

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“This isn’t really something we have to do, but just something little I’ve noticed in others. Men will mostly look behind them when going through a public door just as a built-in instinct to see if there is anyone behind them to hold the door for, but I don’t see many women doing the same.

Yeah, the odd one will do this, but so many just walk right through and let it close behind them when there are people walking behind them. I’ve had so many doors closed in my face by women just not giving a damn, and this almost never happens with men.”

Dating Is Next To Impossible For Introverted Men

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“That dating is literally impossible for introverted men like myself.”

Pitching Your Voice Up Is Important To Appear Less Intimidating

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“You have to intentionally pitch your voice up to seem less intimidating.”

You Can’t Just Ignore Someone’s Blatant Disrespect

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“That sometimes you can’t just ignore someone’s blatant disrespect, not for ego/insecurity reasons, but because if you don’t it signals that you are willing to tolerate/invite further disrespect from that person and then it snowballs from there.”

Men Have To Deal With Two Types Of Women

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“Some women expect courtesy, chivalry and for me to take my shirt off to cover a puddle so they can walk across it without getting their shoes wet.

Then there are women who are so independent and strong that if I hold the door open for them, they take it as an insult. How am I supposed to know what women want?”

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