Have you ever been next-level broke, so much that you ended up doing something too petty to be even talked about?

A netizen recently asked, “What’s the most broke thing you’ve ever done?”. Here are the best responses!

Paid The Bus Fare In Pennies

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“I was subletting a place and needed bus fare to get to work that day, so I searched every couch cushion and coat pocket in the hopes that I could find enough to get there. I ended up finding a ton of pennies, so I paid the bus fare in pennies. I was 30 cents short but the bus driver just gave me a transfer and waved me in.

The first customer of the day tipped me like $5 on their coffee and I’ve never been so happy in my life.”

Tricked My Mind With A ‘Foodgasm’

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“Looked up Google images of steak and milkshakes and other good meals while I was actually eating crackers and water trying to envision good food to make the experience more enjoyable.”

Wrote Myself A Check To Cover Me Until Payday

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“Back in the 90’s I wrote myself a check to cover me until payday.”, said one.

“My mom used to do this and I seriously didn’t realize how poor we were until I was an adult!”, another added.

Walked Into A Costco With An Expired Membership Card

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“Walked into a Costco with an expired membership card and had samples for dinner. I made the rounds a few times.”, said one.

“My mom used to take us to have ‘lunch’ like this as kids.”, another added.

Bought Scratch Tickets In Hopes To Win Money

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“Brokest and stupidest thing I did. I bought scratch tickets in hopes to win money to buy Christmas presents when I was 18.

I didn’t want anyone to think I had money problems at the time so I spent $10 on a scratcher and won $500. I don’t know how but it was enough for car insurance and presents.”

Bought A Case Of Ramen Noodles With Four Different Debit Cards

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“Bought a case of ramen noodles at the self-checkout at Walmart with 4 different debit cards that – each had less than a dollar on them. You can make partial payments at Walmart self-checkout and nobody has to know how broke you are. I and my 3 kids ate for the next 2 days.”

Drove Around With A Flashlight In My Mouth

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“My motorcycle headlight broke, so I started riding around with a flashlight in my mouth.True story. I was young and very, very dumb.”

Bought A Christmas Gift For My Brother With My Gift Cards

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“Told my brother his Christmas gift was going to be delivered a couple of days after Christmas. Waited until I got a couple of gift cards, that I asked for a Christmas gift, and bought his gift using those.”

Ate ‘Edge Sandwiches’ On Friday

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“Cut the edges off of round bologna to make it square. Friday was my ‘edge sandwich’ day.

Bought groceries at the Dollar Store.”

Washed Dirty Clothes In The Bathtub

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“Washed dirty clothes in the bathtub with dishwashing liquid. Couldn’t afford quarters for the machine.”

Refused Medical Care Because I Didn’t Want To Leave My Bike On The Roadside

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“Refused transport to the hospital, or any medical care at all, after I was hit by a car. I had been riding my bike home from work and going to the hospital would have meant leaving my only transportation on the side of the road.

I didn’t carry a lock because I only rode my bike to work and had secure indoor storage for it at home and work.”

Stole Toilet Paper From A Public Restroom

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“Stole a roll of toilet paper from a public restroom because I was out and couldn’t afford any. It was an extra roll. I didn’t take the one in use and leave none behind, lol. That’s just mean.”

Unintentionally Ate Vegan, Detox Diet For Two Weeks

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“I had $10 for food for 2 weeks so I got things to make a large pot of veggie soup (lentils, broth, canned veggies) and a large tub of plain oatmeal and ate vegan (not on purpose) for three weeks till it was gone.

I’ve been told that rich people call this a ‘cleanse’ diet now.”

Got A Gym Membership Just For The Shower

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“Got a gym membership just for the shower when I was living in my car for 3-ish months at 22.”

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