In any relationship, you’ll discover both the strengths and the endearingly awkward moments of your partner.

An internet user asked, “Men, what embarrassing secrets do you know about your exes?”. We’re too embarrassed to tell you how it went so, see it for yourself!

She Tried To Sleep With Me Because ‘I Looked Rich’

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“She accidentally got knocked up in high school and tried to sleep with me and 2 other kids because ‘we looked rich’. She told my friend this not knowing we were friends and I think about this today since she’s with my cousin now.” 

She Thought There Were 11 Months In A Year

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“I had an ex that thought there were 11 months in a year. She was a college graduate. I really hope she took that secret notion to the grave.” 

She Had Affairs With Married Doctors 

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“She had an affair with a doctor. Then with another doctor. To her defense, she ‘didn’t know’ the doctors were married.”

She Was A Raging Alcoholic And Drug Addict

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“She was a raging alcoholic and drug addict in high school.

Apparently, there was a neighbor man who if you showed him your intimate body parts, you’d get free drugs…he was an older man and they were all high schoolers.” 

She Cheated On Me With 18 Different Men 

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“After I broke up with my ex after she cheated for a second time I got a call from her 2 sisters to catch up. They had to tell me something & it was urgent. They felt bad about the way I’d been treated by my wife( their sister ) so wanted me to know the truth so I wouldn’t take her back again. During the course of our relationship of 11 years, she had been with 18 other men. 

I was devastated of course but had been trying because of our son and not wanting our marriage to fail. It led to a series of poor choices with regard to women that I’m only now finally rebounding from 20 years later. I’ve recently met the woman of my dreams and couldn’t be happier but it took some work on my part to put the past behind me and get over my own crap.” 

She Sold Herself For Free Food

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“She sold herself for an iced coffee and a wrap, when she told me that it probably should’ve been a sign to leave.” 

She Is A Deep Covert Narcissist

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“She is a deep covert narcissist. Her manipulation tactics are on point and will do anything to protect the image she projects. No one knows about her narc traits except her exes. I’m one of her exes and I learnt her repeating patterns and scripts.” 

Her Massive Mistake In The Thesis Got Overlooked 

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“One of my ex had a massive mistake at the start of her Thesis, a factor of ten math mistakes, it was fundamental to the rest of the paper. For some I-don’t-know-how-the-hell reason it wasn’t noticed by her professor, she ended up getting a first-class degree.

I only noticed it when she gave me her paper to read after she submitted it. Definitely one of those ‘once you see it, it can’t be unseen’ things.”

She Falsely Accused Her Own Father Of Molesting Her

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“She falsely accused her own father of molesting her at a young age, father spent time/money fighting for his life in court, and when he finally won he left her and her mother. I would’ve done the same thing.” 

She Worked In A Brothel 

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“I had an ex who when I met her, she said she was a receptionist. Through different things happening I began to grow suspicious of where she was going instead of work.

It actually turned out she was working in a Brothel. Stupidly, I still decided to stay with her and we even got to the point where we lived together. I worked full time in a decent job and I even found her a job that was full time and she was qualified in. At some point, without me realizing until later, she had left that job to go back to the Brothel.” 

She Wrote A Few Erotic Fan Fiction

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“She wrote Harry Potter erotic fan fiction, mostly about Harry and Draco. Also, Firefly erotic fanfics, Mal with Kaylee and Inara threesome was the only one I saw before she saw I found her hidden folder on the computer.” 

Tomatoes Gave Her Terrible Gas

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“She tells everyone she’s allergic to tomatoes but really they just give her terrible gas.”

She Kept Her Exes As Backup

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“She only stays friends with exes she wants to get back together with. It made it super easy to tell her to get lost when she said she wanted to be friends again a few months after I broke up with her for admitting she still loves her previous ex.” 

Her Social Media Personality Was Completely Different Than Her Real Self

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“My ex is a baddie feminist power girl on social media but has t0 control over her own life, cause she’s scared of her folks. Also, all her thoughts are borrowed from friends and none her own.” 

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