We all need and want a lot of money but have you thought about a number that would change your life?

A netizen recently asked, “What would you consider a ‘life-changing amount of money’?”. Below are the top responses: 

Five Hundred Thousand To One Million Dollars

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“500k – 1million. Enough to finish off, paying a house, cars, debts”, said one. 

“Hell yeah. That would last me decades. I’ve been poor forever. I’m sure as hell not spending that money. I’d obviously keep working.”, another added. 

Ten Or Twenty Thousand Dollars

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“God it would probably only take 10 or 20 thousand dollars to have me in a much better place.”, said one. 

“Yes! I just got an inheritance and believe me it was comforting knowing it wasn’t a ton of money but it was enough to buy a new car. I had been driving the same used car for like 10 years. It was always breaking down…”, another added. 

One Thousand Dollars 

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“$1000 would keep me from losing my car and apartment right now after being denied unemployment following a hit-and-run accident.” 

Anything That Allows Me To Put A Down Payment

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“Anything that lets me put a down payment on a house.”

Something In The Seven Figures Range

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“Something in the 7 figures range. Below that, I’d pay off some stuff, like the car and house, but it wouldn’t really alter our day-to-day: work would still be a thing, and life would go on pretty much as it has. Above that, we start looking into how it would alter our retirement goals.

Significantly above that we might look into a significantly reduced or no-work life, which is where I’d say the breakpoint is for ‘life-changing’.”

One Fifty Thousand Dollars

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“I was thinking $150k. I could pay my debts, buy a new car that I badly need, and then still have some left over to put away. I’d want to gross up the amount for tax purposes if the money is taxable income.” 

Ten Thousand Dollars

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“For me personally, this would eliminate my debt then have 5-6k left over to finish two of my album projects. I am releasing a vinyl album of my original music for a jazz quintet and a double CD of two jazz trios I work with. 20K would be perfect in my life! 10K. It would be more than enough for my business. (Cleaning business. Commercial and residential).”, said one. 

“10k would do me wonders TBH, Pay off my last cc and buy a decent used vehicle with the rest.”, another added. 

10 Million Dollars

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“$10 million. After taxes.”, said one. 

“That’s my number too. No more work, no more balances owed on anything and enough to travel the world comfortably, not lavishly, for a long time to come. 

Admittedly, I feel like a jerk when people say $5000 would change their lives.”, another added. 

Twenty Thousand Dollars

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“This would eliminate my debt then have 5-6k left over to finish two of my album projects. Releasing a vinyl album of my original music for a jazz quintet and a double CD of two jazz trios I work with. 20K would be perfect in my life!” 

Two Hundred Thousand Dollars

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“Same. That would pay off our mortgage and free up roughly $2k/month and then I wouldn’t have to stress about still being unemployed after being laid off earlier this year.” 


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“At current interest rates I’m seeing on any current investments, I’d need roughly $3M-$4M spread out working for me to be able to stop working now with no change in lifestyle on passive returns alone. I’d probably keep working because I like my job, but eliminating any anxiety associated with job security would be a huge improvement in my day-to-day mental health.” 

No Less Than 3 Million After Taxes

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“No less than 3 million after taxes.  You get that you should be able to easily set up some stable investments that are low risk and will provide an annual return of at least 3%, giving you a yearly income of $90,000.” 

Anything Over A Million

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“Anything over a million. I could purchase a small house with the bare necessities and easily live the next 30 years without worry in the world. Heck, I could even invest half of it and live decently off the residuals every month or so. Get a nice bicycle and do volunteer work to keep myself from getting bored. If the money grew too fast, I’d make $50,000 hero drops for those in need. 

I only plan to live 20 years. After that, I’m hoping to gently leave this world. I have no one left to love and no immediate attachments. A million dollars would mean walking away from so much pain I’m going through right now.” 

20 Million Dollars

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“For me, 20 million would be life-changing.  I already came into a life-changing amount of slightly less than half of that so it would need to be a fairly large number to change my life very much.” 

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