Certain goods and services seem unreasonably expensive, yet we still find ourselves paying for them.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is essentially robbery, but people willingly pay for it?”. Here are the top responses.


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“After a short conversation with my doctor, I received an electronic bill that I had to pay. Among the fees was a “paper-fee”. I never received a physical bill”, said one user. 


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“Get a laser printer. This has been the advice for 15-20 years. You can get a sweet Brother laser printer and a toner cartridge will last you years. It doesn’t dry out like inkjets do if they aren’t used regularly, you get thousands of pages, and they’re way more reliable than inkjets.

The one single exception is printing on photo paper, but ask yourself if you really do that on a regular basis or just think that you might do it on some unknown day in the future (and really won’t).”, said one user.


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“Any subscription to unlock the full potential of a device after you have already bought the said device or software.”, said one user.


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“I truly hate the name “convenience fee” because, it’s actually more convenient for THEM since they don’t have to pay someone to print out the tickets and mail them to you.

Plus, they don’t give you the option anymore to buy tickets in person at all. It’s not convenient if I have no other option!”, said one user.


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“My dad once told me he wanted to be cremated when he died. So when he died, and I expressed his wishes to my mom and sister what was their response?

Let’s buy a casket to have a wake, have the wake, and then cremate him. So we ended up spending at least $5k on something that he/we didn’t end up using(for more than a few hours)!”, said one user.


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“This one pisses me off. Oh, someone tried to deduct $35 from your account. But you only had $34.95. Well, we’re going to deduct $15 from your account. Oh, they tried again but you only had $19.95. Well, that’s another $15 overdraft fee.

Oh, they had a third attempt but you only had $4.95. That’s another $15 deducted. It appears you are now -$10.05 and because it’s been that way for more than 24 hours because we have no obligation to inform you, we’ll just deduct another $15.

Now you’re -$25.05. Something very similar to this happened to me.”, said one user. 


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“Diamonds are more common than other precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies, and tanzanite. In fact, even pure gold in its natural form is more rare than diamonds.

Diamonds are made of carbon, which is the most abundant element on Earth. They’re actually one of the more common precious stones you can find.”, said one user. 


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“At our local town festival this year bottled water was almost $10 and sodas were cheaper in some places. I thought about getting a booth next year and undercutting everyone’s water sales” said one user. 


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“The people who need it are forced to do that or die. It’s not really a choice. I have a similar problem with Crohn’s. I am lucky to be in the government.

Pay for disability but if I wasn’t they would expect me to lay 4k thousand bucks every 8 weeks, and it’s not even enough to keep my illness at bay.

I used to have twice the amount I’m getting now every 6 weeks but Johnson and Johnson is a bad company and decided that disability was too rich so now I’m reduced to eating fortified drinks for every meal because my stomach is swollen and injuring itself.”, said one user.


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“A friend of mine booked a venue for a family gathering and when the venue “Wedding Planner” found out they were getting married they double the price saying weddings cost more.

It was a family reunion, their wedding was a month after the party and the venue would not budge. As soon as they smell wedding money they try to bleed you dry.”, said one user. 

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