Regardless of the profession, every job entails some level of oversight. Whether it’s a supervisor, manager, or even a client, some individual will be responsible for evaluating your work. While the extent of this oversight may vary across different occupations, no job completely eliminates the element of accountability.

No matter what job you do, you’ll always have a superior keeping track of your work. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is an entry-level job where people are not likely to yell at you?”. Here are the top responses.


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“I worked food service at a cafe on a college campus, and it was the best job I ever had.

College students and professors don’t yell at you, so if you live near a college or university, I recommend that.”, said one user.


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“You could move to customer service in the B2B space. You may occasionally get yelled at, but it’ll happen with much less frequency.

The bigger/more established the customers that you work with, the less likely they are to yell at you (Fortune 500 versus mom-and-pop shops).”, said one user. 


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“Mortician. Not only do they not yell, they won’t even interrupt you.”, said one user.


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“A second shift for a school. Come in after the kids leave and then work during summer when they aren’t there.”, said one user. 

“I do this and it’s pretty chill. When you’re off work you have 100% of your mental energy still and if you’re in decent shape still have physical energy. If you work quickly you’ll often be left alone to chill when you’re done.”, said another user. 


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“Exam proctor for one of the major professional licensing exam centers. PSI, Prometric, Pearson Vue, etc. Easy job to get and very low stress. These are the test centers where professionals take their licensing exams for stuff like real estate, insurance, trades, project management, etc.”, said one user.


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“You’ll rarely be spoken to in my experience. You will just be given stacks of stuff to key as a data entry specialist.”, said one user.


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“Work with animals instead of people. Dog daycare or dog walking, assistant ( after hours at the vet), barnhand (feed the horses), be one of those therapists that brings dogs to retirement homes, be someone who feeds the fish at the aquarium, etc.”


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“As long as you keep busy it’s unlikely anyone will even speak to you.”, said one user.

“I was also going to suggest some role in manufacturing. Came from the service industry and gladly took a pay decrease to no longer deal with entitled people. Always really happy with the way management mostly leaves me alone.”, said another user. 


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“My daughter works in a mailroom. She loves it. She only has to deal with coworkers”, said one user. 


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“All you are doing is making sure buttons are working so you don’t need advanced education. You just have to be good with monotony”, said one user.


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“Specifically healthcare security, you’ll need to deal with the odd problematic patient who yells at you but if you have thick skin you’ll seriously expand your vocabulary of insults. Angry patients say the funniest things”, said one user.

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