As a guy, I would be flattered if an average-looking woman asked me out. I would see it as a sign that she is confident and interested in me, regardless of my looks. I would also be impressed by her courage, as it takes a lot of guts to ask someone out on a date.

An internet user asked, “What would you do if an average woman asked you out?”.

In the Original Poster, OP adds, “Thinking about this guy I saw earlier today, but he was probably out of my league. But I walked past him, and we smiled at each other. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a friendly smile you do when you’re walking and you pass someone. But I was thinking about turning back and talking to him. I decided against it out of nerves, and I felt like I wasn’t looking my best.

But anyway, how would you guys feel about a woman coming up to you like that?”

Read the comments below to have a look at other guys’ opinions!

I’d Be Super Flattered

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“Regardless of whether or not I’m interested, I’d be super flattered if someone thought I’m worth asking out.

Keep in mind, we all still have certain preferences. So it’s very possible that you could be his. If he says no, then you tried (good job!), just keep moving forward.”

Might Marry Her

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“I married a so-called “average” woman.

The thing is, she’s far from average to me. To me, she’s the most beautiful, amazing and smartest woman in the world.

Questionable taste in men though, haha.”

She Automatically Becomes Above Average If She Does That

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“An average-looking woman having the confidence and balls to come up to me and ask me out makes her an above-average woman in my book.”

Just Go For It

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“If he’s smiling he probably likes you too. I would say most decent guys are shy to approach because of fear of rejection. The ones able to do it smoothly like butter are probably not the ones you want to end up with unless you’re looking for a quick hookup.

So if you like him go for it. No amount of hints will get me to ask a girl out because I’m either too oblivious to them or don’t want to misinterpret them and come off as a pretentious idiot.

That’s probably why as a good-looking guy (have been told by many girls and guys) I haven’t been swimming in girls. That and I don’t approach, they approach me. I can flirt easily but to take it to the next step of asking her out I can never tell if she just enjoys my company or wants to date. I could be an idiot in that space.”

Most Guys Are Not That Picky

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“Guys are not as picky as women generally, we will date down and if the woman is nice, polite, feminine, we will wife them up in a heartbeat, generally.

I say generally because some men are all about looks but you would be surprised how many are not that superficial.”

I’d Mistake It As A Prank Or Something

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“When a woman shows me attention, gives me a compliment, or if a lady ever asked me out, I’d assume it was a prank of some kind. I’d definitely question what the heck was going on.”

What She Thought Was Average Happened To Be Exceptional For Me

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“While I don’t consider her average, she does. But, long story short, I married her. She thought she was out of my league because of some extra curves of hers. I happen to have always liked extra curves.”

All Guys Would Be Okay With It

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“All guys would be okay with it. We hate that we have to be the ones to initiate contact all the time.”

There’s Nothing To Lose Here

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“First, a lot of men don’t think they are exceptionally good. So, even though you thought he was out of your league, he may not think so. Second, most men do not get asked out. So, if that happens they’re probably going to like it and if they don’t then you are better off anyway. It’s a save.

So, all in all, nothing to lose here.”

Natural-ness Is Much More Attractive

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“When a woman thinks she ‘doesn’t look her best’ is when she is usually the most attractive. It’s her being herself. I find naturalness intensely more attractive than anyone ‘dolled up’. Good luck on your hunt!”

No Need To Overthink

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“You can’t control someone else’s response or reaction so no point in worrying about it. The only thing you can control is your reactions after his response. If he says yes then cool, you got yourself a date. If he says no then no big deal, exit gracefully out of the situation and don’t internalize it.

If he’s mean to you then that’s on him. Typically people will be kind to you If you’re kind, or friendly to begin with.”

Average Is Way More Attractive

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“TBH, I’d be flattered and far more comfortable than if a super hot woman did.

Average is where I live dating and romance-wise.

Fewer chances you’re self-obsessed, arrogant, and overall annoying. Also chances a simple night out turns into getting my teeth kicked in trying to fend off the hoards of men who want your attention.”

Don’t Judge Yourself

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“You’re judging yourself for the dude. Don’t do that, homie, because you’ll always discount yourself. Humility can be a real butt, sometimes.

Go get him!”

It Depends On Your Approach

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“Depends on your approach. If you’re fumbling and I don’t know what your intention is or seem suspicious, I’d just move on or ask if you need help. If you’re trying to get to know me, I’d totally give you the time of the day 🙂

That fear of rejection and humiliation you felt is what every guy feels every time they muster up the balls to talk to a woman. You need to just be confident and worry about that feeling later when you ask someone out.”

It’d Be Awesome

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“It’d be awesome. That guy would talk about that (good) experience for the rest of his life and best of all, his friends won’t believe him!

I speak for men everywhere when I beg you to do this regardless of how you think you look.”

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