The United States is a vast and diverse country, with each state offering its own unique set of pros and cons. If money were no object, which state would you choose to call home?

A user asked the forum, “If money wasn’t an issue, which state would you live in?”. Here are the top responses.


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“California. So much to do, beautiful, good weather but too expensive.”


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I’d keep living in Boston and not worry about money.”


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“Washington. It’s good here.”


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“I would stay in Michigan but further north and on a lake.”


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“Hawaii. With lots of land in upcountry.”


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“Maine. It’s so beautiful, and there’s enough room for me, the people are also kind-hearted.”


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I’d live in my same state, Indiana, but in a much nicer house.

“I grew up in the Indianapolis area, thinking that I couldn’t wait to get out of this jerkwater town and move somewhere cool. Then, I grew up, traveled, joined the Navy, traveled a lot more, and found myself thinking, “Man, I cannot wait to get the hell back to Indiana.”

So, with some perspective, I realize that I was born in a pretty cool place.”


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“New Mexico, up around Santa Fe!”


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“I would probably just move to the coast. Maybe San Diego or San Jose. California has so many things to do. Without financial limits, I would literally never be bored again.

Also, I would be able to book a flight to my family whenever I wanted, so the distance between us would no longer be an issue.”


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“New England area. The thought of living on the coast of Massachusetts or Maine makes me happy.”


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“Possibly Massachusetts. I have a bunch of family there, the state’s politics generally align with mine, good food and in Boston, fairly good public transportation.”


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“Scotland. If I had to be in the States, it’d be the Pacific Northwest. Probably Portland.”


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“Colorado. I love the mountains and the activities that come with it.”


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“All my people and my stuff are here. Lots of good things to say about lots of states, but I can only say that for one.”


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“Fribourg Switzerland.”

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