There are a lot of things that require massive amounts of money, and some of them are pretty unnecessary.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What one thing do you consider to be a massive waste of money?”. Here are the top responses. 


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“Having gone through the process of planning my Dad’s funeral a few years ago – I was shocked by the cost of various things like the casket, flowers, burial plot, and even the funeral home service.

I remember seeing thousands of dollars worth of flowers that were sent by friends/family and couldn’t help but think what a shame it was that they would all be disposed of in a day or two (my Dad also shared this thinking when he was around).

Sometimes it feels like the premiums charged for funerals can be predatory and take advantage of distressed families in a rush to plan arrangements knowing the families won’t likely want to shop around for a better ‘deal’.”, said one user.


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“The mark ups these food delivery apps have are insane. Some tack on a bunch of weird fees, others mark up the menu price of each item so it’s harder to notice. The number of people totally fine with this is even more shocking.”, said one user.


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“I can’t believe people spend good money on those useless little award things that mean absolutely nothing to anybody whatsoever.”, said one user.


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“It has been proven on so many Canadian investigation programs that the water in bottles is no safer or cleaner. It is bottled tap water. We sell it to the US, who turns around to sell it back to us at a premium. Makes zero sense.”, said one user.


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“Smoking cigarettes is definitely one of the biggest wastes of money. You’re literally paying to lower your life expectancy significantly and smell disgusting.”, said one user.


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“The answer should be weddings, it’s ridiculous how much you are expected to pay for various products and services associated with the experience.”, said one user. 

“My spouse and I spent $17K on our ‘modest’ wedding while we drove $500 cars and were broke as hell. The wedding was good but in reality it was a $17K 1-day party thrown by broke people. So stupid.

Looking back after a decade we both agree we were swept up with stupid wedding culture, and if we could do it over again we’d have had a backyard bbq wedding and take a trip to Europe instead of renting matching tablecloths.”, said another user.


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“Buying new clothes while your old clothes are still in great shape. I know you want to hop on the latest trend, treat yourself, or plan a vacation but you don’t have to buy new clothes just for the sake of it. Most of us buy new clothes because we get bored of them.”, said one user.


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“Half my coworkers go zooming out of the office during their breaks to buy juice at starbucks. Not even a coffee. The stuff they sell by the gallon at the grocery store next door to starbucks.

I’ve tried it, and it’s just normal juice, comparable to what you’d get from a President’s Choice juice box for 30 cents.”, said one user.


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“Restaurants, and yet I cannot resist sitting on a patio with some pints of beer and a meal, spending hundreds of unnecessary dollars a month to be served in the sun.”, said one user.

“For me, it has to be one beer for 10$ at a bar.”, said another user.


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“Tipping at restaurants. All the premade tip percentages are 15% 20% 25%. I remember when tipping used to be 5% 10% 15%.”, said one user. 

“I used to feel embarrassed about not paying tips or putting in a custom tip that is lower than the default options. Nowadays, I take pleasure in putting in a custom amount.

There is nothing more liberating than knowing that you have the power of how much tips you want to pay.”, said another user.

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