Are there any aspects of the opposite gender’s experience that you find particularly appealing or beneficial, and if so, what are they?

An internet user asked, “What’s something about the opposite gender that makes you jealous?”. The responses were too realistic to not share them with you!

Expressing Emotions 

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“Expressing emotion in a friend group without being seen as weak is always something I’ve been jealous of.

I’ve tried with the boys but it gets awkward immediately, nobody knows how to handle it so it just gets quiet.” 

Sympathy In The Eyes Of The Law

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“Law enforcement believes women more often than men even if they are lying.” 

Not Being Automatically Seen As A Threat

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“Not being automatically seen as a threat. I get it, I’m male and big, but c’mon, you gotta do something *seriously heinous* to get more than a brief narrowing of the eyes as I remove myself from the situation. I’m as threatening as a burnt apple pie, I just don’t look at it.” 

Wide Range Of Clothing Options 

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“So many more clothing options, especially in the workplace.”, said one.

“They can use so many clothing items in way more ways. Like a guy can wear the same jeans for a BBQ, party, date, dinner, etc, but women’s styles are so much more subtle so you need different outfits more often if you want to be stylish/fashionable.”, another added. 

The Emotional Compassion 

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“Women genuinely seem to care for each other more. Men being emotionally checked out is tough.” 

No Fear Of Getting Objectified

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“Not worrying about being seen as an object or sexual conquest while men are talking to you.”

Winning Arguments Always 

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“I’d love to win an argument. One, would be amazing, let alone every argument ever.”  

The Acceptance Of Being Topless 

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“The fact it is acceptable in most places for men to be topless.” 

Not Having Balls

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“Women not having balls. I’ve sat cross-legged and accidentally squished my balls so often and it hurts a lot. You can’t even sleep in certain positions.” 

The Ability To Multitask

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“That women are awesome multi-taskers and always know where the stuff in the fridge and cabinets are.” 

Faking Period Cramps

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“My best friend will lie about having bad period cramps to go home from work early.”

The ‘Illegal’ Legal Support 

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“Getting paid alimony, even better child support and custody even if the child isn’t the husband’s. The society still supports them even though divorce has happened due to mutual differences.

Being allowed to touch children without being judged, whereas people are wary of men who even try to interact in a friendly and supportive manner.

Asking for equality in top workplace positions whereas most dangerous, dirty, mentally and physically taxing jobs are still done by an overwhelming majority of men. Conveniently called weaker when they hit men so retaliation isn’t justified in any way. Yet called strong when it comes to other stuff.” 

Physical Strength & Plush Eyelashes 

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“Physical strength. Plush eyelashes. My brother, spouse, their eyelashes are to die for.” 

“That men can do simple tasks without being made fun of or told an outlier. I can’t cut some grass or put up a shelf without someone making a comment about how manly I am. And they mean it seriously.”

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