Have you ever watched a documentary that left you in absolute awe, and you think it should be on everyone’s watch list at least once?

A netizen recently asked, “What’s an amazing documentary everyone should watch at least once?”. Below are the top responses!


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“Shackleton: The Greatest Story of Survival.

An expedition to Antarctica while the crew thought they were going to the Arctic Circle 110 years ago. It lasted over 500 days in some of the most extreme conditions possible, and every crew member survived. A genuinely unique real-life story, and well re-told.”


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“The Fog of War. Robert MacNamara was the US Secretary of Defense during the Kennedy administration and part of the Johnson administration. He was a genius who helped lead the United States into arguably the most significant foreign policy disaster in its history.

The filmmaker – Errol Morris – created a camera that allowed him to take the ‘talking head’ documentary to the next level and interrogate the subject in an alarmingly direct fashion. He filmed interviews with MacNamara decades after Vietnam was over. 

Among other things, the movie is an essay about how otherwise brilliant people can make terrible decisions that lead to the deaths of millions of people.”


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“The Act of Killing. The director gets men who participated in the mass killings in Indonesia to re-enact the violence, and it starts to affect them deeply. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before, and I love documentaries. Highly recommended.” 


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“Crip Camp – about a summer camp for kids with disabilities and how some of them went on to be activists. So good!” 


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“Baraka. It is a wordless documentary about the evolution of humans and their societies. The whole Qatsi trilogy is great, but Baraka is a must.”


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“I love the Neil Degrasse Tyson version too, and it literally blew my mind looking at ‘The Edge of the Known Universe'”


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“The Up series. Starts in the 60s. They interviewed a dozen 7-year-olds in the UK. Every seven years, they do another series of interviews and release a new addition to the series. The most recent was 2019. The ‘children’ were now 63 years old.

There have been other versions as well. 7up in Russia, Japan, Africa, and more. They seem harder to find, and most didn’t get past a few installments.”


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“Blackfish – it’s about Orcas in captivity. It focuses on one orca, in particular Tilicum. It’s amazing and insightful to watch.” 


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“The Woman Who Wasn’t There. It’s about a woman who survives 9/11 and loses her fiancé in one of the towers. She gets super involved in organizations that help people after 9/11. Except, of course, she wasn’t there.”


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“My Octopus Teacher. Brilliantly heartwarming and devastatingly sad at the same time. Makes you rethink your entire life and how you view it.”


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“The House I Live In (2012). I changed my life by opening my eyes to the horrors of America’s War on Drugs. It shows a wide variety of points of view, from a drug dealer to a grieving mother of an addict, a narcotics officer, a senator, an inmate incarcerated for possession and use, and even a judge. Eye-opening. Harrowing. Stellar.”


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“This was wild. I’m into true crime, so I am interested in the premise, and it seemed like a ‘fine’ documentary. But on the 85% mark, it became something totally different. I sat up straight and realized the real story was not what I thought it was.” 


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“Catfish. So many people have seen the TV show but don’t know the true origins. It was mind-blowing the first time I saw it.”


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“Fantastic Fungi. By far, I rarely watch anything twice, and I’ve seen this one at least three times. It is incredible to see how trees talk to each other, how the ecosystem tries to balance itself, how the world was created, and, yes, the impact of fungi on our minds! 

Phenomenal! 10/10. Go watch it now.”


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“This is a hilarious must-see. It’s a 1986 suburban metalhead slice of life. I am going to see Judas Priest! Hell yeah!”

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