Are there any high-paying, reputable jobs that do not involve drugs?

A netizen recently asked, “How do I make 100k in a year without selling my body or drugs? I want to buy a house.”. 

Have a look at the top responses below: 

Get A Sales Job

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“Sales. Your first sales job will probably be awful, but keep grinding. 

I’m barely 30 years old and have been clearing over 100k every year for the past 4 years. It’s not a hard job at all. It can be discouraging. Don’t supplement it with booze like some do. Exercise regularly to maintain stress and grind sales. 

My buddy cleared 230k last year in his gig, although he’s in a different industry entirely doing sales. 

You tend to need a bachelor’s degree to earn faster/get better sales jobs. But experience is key. Usually, after 2-3 years experience max, there’s no reason you aren’t making six figures unless you’re awful or your company offers a terrible commission plan.” 

Get A College Degree Or Learn Some Skills

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“Learn a trade or get a college degree in a field that actually matters. (Engineer)”, said one. 

“Get a degree or skills in a field that solves real-world problems. Engineering, Medicine, Science, Commerce, Business etc.

Another way, if you’re not top of the brains in the population, is to migrate to a country where the currency is stronger than yours. Get a job, and work hard for five years while being frugal. Return and stonks. At least that is what we Indians do.”

Go For Affiliate Marketing

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“The best way to achieve this goal is to do affiliate marketing in any kind of sales-related job. Big and fast money is gathering there. The best way is to cooperate with others to achieve this goal faster;)” 

Get Into A Skilled Trade

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“Get into a skilled trade and complete an apprenticeship, preferably through a JATC Union job.” 

Become Educated In Computer Science

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“Become educated. Preferably in computer science.”, said one. 

“Some people even manage to break into Software through Bootcamp, self-learning, and Leetcode. I think it’s doable in 1 year (assuming hiring ramps up again) and it would be a life changer for many average earners.”, another added. 

Sell Cars

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“If you can devote the time and put in the work, sell cars and you should be able to get pretty close in a few years.

Depending on the dealership and the pay plan and your devotion. I believe that, unless you have some kind of disability or something, anyone ‘can’ sell cars. But not anyone is willing to do it.” 

Start A Business

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“Without going to college or spending years learning a trade I would say start a business. Successful entrepreneurship is extremely difficult, but if you have a great product and understand your market you can be successful. 

Other than that just simply put $100,000 on black at the casino. Instantly win $100,000, and you’re good.” 

Everything Boils Down To The Skills

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“Skills. Everything boils down to the skills you have and putting yourself out there.  Don’t have skills? Get on YouTube and start watching videos. Free courses on Udemy, Coursera and others. Then give yourself projects, put them in a portfolio,  and start sharing stuff via LinkedIn. Give it time, and watch for opportunity. Initiate conversations and offer to do things for free and make connections.  

Worked for me as a web designer. 

Taught myself WordPress, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Facebook ads,  digital marketing, and how to use chatgpt effectively. Currently learning Webflow, Figma, and Lead Generation.

You can do it, I promise.”

Nuclear Plant Operator

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“Nuclear Plant Operator. I make about 150k a year or more depending on over time. Only requires 4 years navy or 2 year associates in engineering.” 

Go Into Tech

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“Go into tech. I have no degree. Been doing it for 8 years. I make over 100k. You will easily get there in half the time if you take a high volume support role and work on security certs. You’ll get the exp needed quickly and have certs that support career growth.” 

Learn Coding, Data Analytics, Etc

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“The most legit way possible is learning a high-income skill such as coding, data analytics, etc. You don’t need a degree although it’ll help.” 

Work In A Factory

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“I’m a factory worker. I make $30 an hour. I work 12-hour shifts. 100-120 hours every 2 weeks. I make over $100K easily. Oddly enough I still have plenty of time off” 

Become A Radiation Therapist Or A Dosimetrist

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“The salary for a radiation therapist or a dosimetrist is an average 100k. All you need for either is a 1 or 2-year certificate, given that you have the requirements to apply for the certificate program.” 

Be A Police Officer

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“Be a police officer. They pay well for qualified candidates in certain areas. You just have to deal with the people who think police shoot every person they come into contact with.” 

Start A Pyramid Scheme

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“Ok. Start a pyramid scheme. Or as they are called today, multi-level marketing. Start up, get tons of money, recruit more people, sell NFTs and Chinese timeshares, do a number of internet spam scams and Nigeria letter stuff, sell quickly, invest your money in oil, gas, and guns, and once the authorities get involved, take a flight to a country with no extradition treaty. Easy. No selling your body, no selling drugs.”

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