Siblings can be annoying and disruptive at times, but there seems to be no fun in growing up alone. Without a partner in crime, confidant, or a shoulder to cry on, only children often feel isolated and lonely. A user asked the forum, “What’s the worst about being an only child?”

 Here are the top responses!


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“You become too comfortable with being alone all the time, to the point where being alone is the default and interacting with others feels like a chore, and that doesn’t play out too well in the real world.”


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“When I was little, people would give me board games like Monopoly for gifts, and I wouldn’t have anyone to play with. I even had to play Hungry Hungry Hippo solo. I did master Solitaire, though!”


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“When my parents die, that’s it. I’m just alone.”


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“I think because I am an only child, I have become used to spending time alone. As a result, I am quite anti-social. I don’t mind being around people and can be quite talkative. However, it exhausts me, and I need far too much time to recover.”


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“As an adult, I sometimes find it difficult to quiet the self-talk because all too often, growing up, it was all I had.”


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“When asked by a parent what happened, you cannot blame your sibling.”


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“I am not good at sharing. On the plus side, I got all of my parents’ attention, so I had a lot of love and support. On the downside, I had to live up to high expectations and did not have a lot of space to hide. There was nowhere to hide, no one to blame anything on, and no backup when they were being unreasonable.

But I also didn’t have to split time, affections, or personal belongings with some other gremlin sharing my DNA.”


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“Taking care of an elderly parent with no one to help.”


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“Immense boredom, loneliness, nobody to help you care for your sick and dying parents.

No cousins, uncles, or aunts for my kids to play with on my side.”


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“There is nobody to take good photos of you during family vacations.”


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“Missing out on that sibling support system, especially as my parents are going into their 70s now.”


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“Getting into a relationship and realizing what a selfish person you really are. Assuming that you were even capable of making such a realization.”


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“The responsibility that comes with planning how to manage the huge estate that you will inherit one day.”


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“No sanity check for your behavior. I went down so many rabbit holes because nobody my age was there to say, ‘Brother, what’s wrong with you?’”


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“My mom was very young when she had me, and we had no men in our life. As a result, she placed all of that the emotional needs of a grown woman on me.

 My mom never really raised me as a son. At best, she raised me like a little brother she got stuck with after our parents died. At worst, she treated me like I was a toxic boyfriend.”

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