With technological advancements, many things have shifted. Here are a list of 12 things many people want to get back from the past but it won’t happen



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“Everything not being a subscription.”

“I’d love to buy something and own it, not pay every damn month to use stuff in my own house.”



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“Getting a poster that is a map of the game world with the purchase of a game”

“Had my map of Cyrodiil on my wall for years!”



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“The dislike option on YouTube.”

“It uses the dislikes only from people with the extension but then it calculates the % of dislikes based on the total views.”

“I don’t even know what YouTube is really tryna be tolerant towards? I mean, they own the media. Like bruh, who whined so hard that they had to remove it”



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“Products that were meant to last and not broken or obsolete in 1-2 years”

“My mother-in-law still uses her hand mixer she got from Sears back in 1970 while I’m on my 3rd mixer in the last few years.”



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“McDonalds deepfried apple pies.”

“They’re still available in Australia, which is kind of surprising since they’re not too popular at the store I work at”



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“When the plastic bottle cap would let you win a free Coke. The best were those. You could also play the McDonald’s Monopoly game to win free fries or anything.”



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“Mcdonald’s used to have shaker salad cups that were fire. So convenient when you had to eat in the car.”



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“Old cartoon network”

“The new-ish Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse series is made by old Cartoon Network people, and you can really tell. I would have never expected a Mickey Mouse cartoon to have such an edge; it’s actually amazing.”



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“An almost adless internet.”

“When did that ever exist? I remember everything used to be banner ads or pop-up ads”



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“Not being accessible/connected all the time. Like if you weren’t home, people just left a message. Now you’re expected to answer work emails or texts at all hours bec everyone has a smartphone.”



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“Shredded chicken burrito from Taco Bell”

“That was literally the only thing I ate from there; now they don’t have it, and I don’t go there.”

“They got rid of all of their shredded chicken”




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“Fruit Loops Cereal Straws”

“I can smell it right now, and I haven’t been around those in a decade and a half.”

“I find them occasionally at my local corner store. Run by an old Russian dude who said his kids love them, so he bought way too many of them for the store so his kids would always have them.”

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