Men, are there aspects of women that you find puzzling or intriguing?

A netizen recently asked, “What is something about women that you find deeply mysterious?”. Below are the top responses.

Their Eye For Fashion And Decor

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“I’ll say their eye for fashion and decor. 90% of women I’ve ever met have a really good sense of style, both in clothing and making a home look nice.”

Their Attraction To The Male Body

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“For the ones who like men, their attraction to the male body. As a guy, I don’t see what’s attractive about it. Y’all are weird.”

The Intensity Of Their Love

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“Whether my wife, when she expresses her love for me if her love is as deep/durable as I mean when I express my own for her.”

Ability To Notice Changes In Minor Details

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“How they immediately notice changes in minor details, and how they can spot an item I am searching for nearly instantly.”

Their level of self-awareness

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“Their level of self-awareness.”, said one.

“Yeah, we are too self-aware even. My therapy session is just me laying out all my problems and my therapist nodding to it.”, another added.

Their Energy

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“Their energy, something is there about their energy, their aura and just their overall natural femininity, that drives me crazy. It’s not only hot, but it’s also just beautiful and mysterious as hell and I cannot explain it to myself and anyone other.

Do y’all feel that too?”

Their Love For Emotional Movies

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“How they love to watch movies that make them feel intense emotions, ugly cry.

I can’t understand how that is cathartic in any way. Talk it out.”

Their Obsession Over Unrealistic Beauty Standards

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“I’ve given up trying to understand why women beat themselves up over unrealistic, self-imposed beauty standards. Women actively support a multi-billion dollar industry that’s built around making them feel bad about themselves.

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a woman who was truly happy and comfortable in her own skin.”

The Unwillingness To Express What They Want Clearly

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“Why can they always tell me EXACTLY what they don’t want, but never what they do want? Just make a request!”

Their Ability To Stay Sane During Periods

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“How you have a reportedly debilitating condition several days a month and just go along like nothing’s happened.”

Their Desire To Be Heard

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“That they share problems ‘to be heard,’ and not to fix them.”

Nightly Medical Problems

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“Nightly medical problems. If it’s not a headache/migraine, stomach ache, heartburn, allergies, random cuts or bruises she expects me to know when and where exactly she got from. Most recently she self-diagnosed herself to have GERD. I should be a doctor at this point.”

Their Communication

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“I feel like most women are emotional creatures, especially in the realm of communication. For us guys, communication tends to be more straightforward, not always but generally.

You can go have an amazing date, she will still demonstrate interest with phone calls/texts, but be wishy-washy about meeting again.

Sometimes if you text a woman too much she thinks you’re desperate, other times if you don’t text much they’ll think you’re a jerk who is uninterested.

I’ve mastered tough things with my career, money, etc. but women I’ve yet to understand what the hell they want.”

Their Expectations For Others To Be Able To Read Their Minds

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“Why do they seem convinced that other people can read their minds? They will say nothing about what they want or need and then become resentful that the other party isn’t making an effort to meet the need they never said anything about.

I’ve actually heard women say ‘They should just know’. This is psychotic. They seem to actually believe people have magical powers.”

Their Tendency To Keep Discussing A Problem Instead Of Thinking Of Solutions

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“How they will spend 45 minutes talking about a problem with no intention of trying to solve said problem or even hear potential solutions to said problem.”

Their Ability To Turn A House Into A Home

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“How they manage to turn a house into a home.

I’ve got a house I’m living in but it’s just 4 walls. Any time I’ve lived with a partner I felt like it was a home.

I hope I can figure it out. I’m trying.”

Their Discrimination Towards Men

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“Like how they ask for equality but they don’t treat men equally. I am on a bus so tired coming from a whole day’s work and suddenly a lady who looks to be going somewhere asks if I am not a gentleman to give my seat to her.”

Their Inability To Take Responsibility

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“Their inability to take responsibility for their actions. I’m also curious about why many of them seem turned off by guys with feelings. I guess it’s kinda a feminine quality to them.”

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