Women’s preferences for their partners’ professions can vary based on factors such as prestige, excitement, financial stability, safety, work-life balance, and personal values.

A netizen recently asked, “Women, what job would a man have that would be an automatic deal breaker for you?”. The top responses are listed below!

Life Coach

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“Never again-I dated a former life coach and he’d say the most mundane things (or insights I’d already had but phrased differently) and expect me to shower him with thanks and praise. By the time I left, he was trying to start an MLM. Glad to be out of that one.”

MLM & Scammy Sales Job

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“MLM, whole life insurance sales, selling how to get rich quick packages, and of the like that’s hustle *and* scammy.”


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“Necromancer. Not making that mistake again.”, said one.

“They bring you back to life this one time and then it’s like you owe them a relationship…”, another added.

Massage Therapist At A Strip Club

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“My ex was a massage therapist at a strip club. Like he gave the strippers massages because their muscles got tired lol. I wouldn’t date another one of those.”


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“I would ALWAYS swipe left (during my dating years) on any dude with ‘Entrepreneur’ as his occupation.

Hard. Nope.”

Fleshlight Artist

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“I met a man who makes artisanal fleshlights at a party in LA. Would not date that guy.”, said one.

“That’s a combination of words that it never thought existed.”, another added.

Debt Collector

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“I don’t know how a person with a shred of soul or empathy could work that job and not want to go home and blow their brains out.”

Real Estate Agent

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“Real Estate agent. Never again *shudders*.”, said one.

“100%. I hate to stereotype but I’ve only met ONE Real Estate agent who wasn’t stuck up and self-important. They’re so arrogant.”, another added.

Train Conductor

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“A choo-choo conductor. The last thing I want to do is see your smug face as you slowly pass the tracks, making me late for work.”

Army Soldier

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“An army soldier who is active on the ground or could be deployed any time.

I’d be terrified of losing the man I love to the horror of war. I’d rather be alone. It is his decision to give up his life or sanity for war, but I just can’t be a partner and potential caregiver to someone like that. I already lost a happy childhood, I can’t sacrifice any more.”

Law Enforcement Professionals

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“Law enforcement. The profession seems to attract controlling types.”, said one.

“Yeah, it’s definitely a red flag. Anyone whose profession gives them a green light to harm others is not someone I wanna spend time with.”, another added.

Slaughterer On A Farm

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“Slaughterer on a farm. Doing this on a daily basis has a huge impact on the personality, and it’s totally not what I’m looking for.”


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“Surgeon. A lot of the time, they’re on the clock 24/7 and that’s just too much to handle.”


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“This is going to sound weird but Veterinarian. I just couldn’t be a supportive partner and listen to them vent about the stress of taking care of sick animals and having to put them down as the humane option.

I’d never stop crying and I just don’t have the emotional strength or stability to be a good partner for them. That or a dentist cause they scare the hell out of me.”


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“A Chef. I could never handle the crazy hours and them having to work weekends & most holidays.”

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