The assumption that men have it easy in life is often misguided. While they may avoid some of the challenges that women face, they also face their own unique set of challenges.

A user asked, what’s the worst thing about being a man? and here are the top picks

1. Lack of Support Because You Can Always Do It

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“The general lack of empathy or support. You can do it because you’re a man. I’m drowning on all fronts here, just looking for anything to help.”

2. Harassment is Always a Joke

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“Harassment and assaults are usually a joke or not taken remotely seriously when you’re a guy.”

“I’ve been harassed and assaulted at work and told “Lucky guy!” Or “They’re old enough to be your mother, take it as a compliment,” as if that makes the situation better. In the end, honestly, if you’re a guy and are made uncomfortable, it’s too bad, so sad, move on. When I approached management about it, I was told, “Well, let’s make it a clean slate and move on.” What? They literally dry-humped me? Grabbed my back? Even when a member does it, it’s just completely fine?”

“Men aren’t normally seen as victims. We’re just expected not to be or to not be affected by it.”

3. Assumption of Wrong Intention

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“We can’t say kids are cute without being on the FBI watch list”

“While driving a classmate past a daycare I frequently pass on my runs, I commented that there’s a bunch of cute kids that play there, just thinking it’s nice there’s still something good and pure in this messed up world. He started acting like I said they were attractive or something. I don’t stare at anyone’s kids; I’m just out for my run and looking ahead. Had to tell the guy, ‘Look, I’m almost 30; everything about my biology is screaming to make babies. So just chill, dude. Not everyone is a creep’ still made me feel bad the rest of the day.”

“The stereotype that all men have wrong intention if they like working with children.”

4.  Lack of Respect as a Parent

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“The lack of respect men receive as parents. A month ago, I took my daughter to her one monthly appointment. The nurse said, “Oh, you’re on dad duty today.” First of all, I’m always on dad duty; second, I take my son to 90% of his appointments.”

“It would irritate my dad so much when people said he was “babysitting the kids.” No… he’s being a parent. Why do people do this???”

“It can be desperately lonely, especially for introverts.”

5. Weak Emotional Connection With Male Friends

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“Fragile emotional connection with male friends and peers.”

“My mom died suddenly in September; all I’ve wanted is for a friend to hug me and be willing to listen. My wife’s girlfriends will, but none of my male friends, despite telling them I’m hurting.”

6. Hair Out of Ears

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“Hair, everywhere; I mean, seriously, does it have to come out of my ears?”

7. Male Pattern Baldness

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“Trust me. My self-confidence and success with women increased after I started shaving my head. Try to grow a beard, too, if you can.”

8. Cannot Be Short

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“Being short gets us the Manlet label. I’m 5’6”. No matter what my accomplishments are, everything is me ‘compensating.’ I find it quite sad how people make fun of men for their size & height & whatnot, and we are somewhat expected just to laugh it off. Sure, it’s just jokes and whatever, but I assume it still bothers the guy.”

9. Providing For Family

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“The stress of providing for your family amid all the current turmoil in the world and knowing that it’s all on you whether your family has a stable and financially secure life while feeling the need to obtain a life that probably isn’t obtainable anymore and every day watching the neighborhood you live in slowly get worse and know there’s nothing you can do about it right now.”

“Having no value unless we provide something, I saw the shift as I entered my teens. I wasn’t a child anymore and received no sympathy or care for any of my problems. “Man up” or “get over it” when the female families got lots of sympathy and understanding. Once I started earning money and could provide more, I was suddenly super popular; when my wage dropped over Covid, I was basically ignored. Learned a valuable lesson, though, much more selfish now but still generous with the people that stuck by me.”

10. Initiating Everything

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“Dating and having to initiate everything with women is so bad. I might just say who cares and not try to find anyone. I’m starting to think that staying single is a better life.”

“I bought a man flowers once as initiation. Had them sent to our work and got to watch as he received them at his desk (a dozen long-stem roses). I’d never seen a man so happy. We’ve been married for almost 12 years now. One of the reasons I did it was because no man had ever given me flowers, and I figured, give the person I want to date the thing no one ever gave me.”

11. Nobody Takes Your Feelings Seriously

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“Nobody takes your feelings seriously or bothers to check in on you.”

“Yeah, this is a big one. I try to be the guy who checks in on people, but it can be pretty painful when nobody checks in on you.”

12. Always Being Calm and Sorted Out

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“Having the expectation always to keep my calm. Being vulnerable is a weakness. Failing is not an option. Provide regardless of the state of your overall health.”

“This one hits home. My husband was near suicidal from undiagnosed bipolar, and he felt that he could not stop working, although his body was falling apart, and he desperately needed a break because he would be a failure if he stopped.

It didn’t matter how much I encouraged him; that narrative was grounded into his very essence from birth. Finally, he saw a psychiatrist, got diagnosed, and was medicated, and it’s like night and day watching him thrive. But I didn’t understand until the last six months how incredibly, deeply, inescapably these toxic societal expectations had damaged him and all the men around him.”

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