Do you also find a movie so good or so bad that it could never make it to your list of ‘re-watchables’? If you do, don’t forget to tell us!

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There are two kinds of movies most people tend to ‘never’ watch again. The first is obvious – ones that are SO BAD you just can’t even imagine going through the same torture again. Second – ones that are SO GOOD you can’t watch its characters go through the same pain ever again. 

The internet recently asked, What movie will you never watch again? Here are the top responses: 

The Son Of The Mask

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“Jim Carrey over Jamie Kennedy any day,” said one. 

“As a huge Jim Carrey fan, I heard a lot of bad stuff about it, watched it on Tubi, wasn’t as bad as they said, but still bad,” Another added.

Requiem For A Dream

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“Requiem for a dream. Fantastic movie. Never want to see it again.” Said one. 

“This is a great answer. The hardest part of this movie is watching the mom deteriorate and seeing her mental decline exacerbated by how modern culture preys on the elderly. It’s very raw and oh-so-real. For me, the side story of the mom is infinitely more bleak than the self-destructive spirals of the younger characters.

Their stories are all tragic too, but the mom is worse.” Another added.

 “Schindler’s List” And The Likes Of It 

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“Any movie about the atrocities of human history (Schindler’s List, 12 Years a Slave, Life is Beautiful, etc). I watch them, and I can appreciate them as cinematic masterpieces… often they leave a mark. But I never find myself watching them a second time.” Said one. 

“I just don’t watch Holocaust movies at all. Or go to the museums. I know it happened and was a horrific crime. I do not need to know, and would rather not know the details.” Another added. 

Grave Of The Fireflies

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“I saw it in the not screen as part of a Studio Ghibli festival. One of the greatest anime I’ve ever seen, but such a downer that once was enough. One time I  told a checkout girl who had just bought that movie to have a comedy chaser to watch after.” Said one. 

“One summer I wanted to watch the entire Studio Ghibli collection, starting with Grave of the Fireflies….. I didn’t make it past that movie. I was young and in shock for a good couple of days. I couldn’t even sleep at night. Still makes me sick to think about it now.” Another added.

The Road

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“Just too bleak. I’m still depressed thinking about it ten years after I first watched it.” Said one. 

“I watched this as a kid with my dad, and I remember feeling so devastated over it. Don’t wanna watch it again as an adult.” Another added.

A Serbian Film 

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“Having lived in Serbia, everyone in the USA told me to watch this ‘Serbian film’- interested in maybe seeing some of my Balkan culture, me being stupid, I didn’t research it. Got 20 min in. Huge mistake. Lmao. Then I just read the synopsis- another mistake…. But a unique take on the breakup of Yugoslavia-I’ll give them that.” Said one.

“As I said on another thread, every time I see “What is the worst movie ever made” posts and someone answers with something other than A Serbian Film, I’m happy because it’s proof they never watch A Serbian Film.

Other movies are bad, but that one is the worst and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.” Another added.

Uncut Gems

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“Uncut Gems.  A great performance by Adam Sandler, but the general feeling of tension and unease combined with the ending makes that a one-time viewing for me.” Said one. 

“Agreed. I thought it was a very good movie, but it made me so uncomfortable watching someone mess their life up so badly, and it was 100% entirely their own fault.” Another replied.


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“Precious. Good movie, but damn, it is painful to watch.” Said one. 

“This one was even beyond one watch only… I kinda wish I had never seen it tbh.” Another added.

The Mist

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“The Mist. Great movie with an amazing ending but noooooooooooope.” Said one. 

“I can appreciate a good unhappy ending, but that was too cruel. It made me feel so hopeless inside”, another added. 

Dear Zachary

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“‘Best documentary I have ever seen, and I will never watch it again’ is how I describe it.”

“Wrecked me. I’ve never been so murderously angry and unfortunate.”

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