Britain and America have two different lifestyles. Though Americans have so many advantages over other countries, they still think Britain has many advantages. A user asked the forum, “What does Britain have that America doesn’t have?”

Here are the common responses. 


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“Pubs. There was a documentary about a US aircraft carrier meeting up with the new British aircraft carrier. In the US Navy, they are not allowed to drink on ships. The British aircraft carrier has a pub. The look on those American sailor’s faces was worth remembering.”


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“Minimum 28 paid days off a year, which includes public holidays. Some companies like the National Health Service (NHS) offer 35 (including public holidays) and allow you to take more when your length of service hits certain milestones.”


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“Clean and efficient public transportation. I know Londoners aren’t always happy with the Underground. Still, as an American, it was the cleanest, safest, and most efficient rail system I have ever seen, especially for the scale of the operation. Of course, I’m from Boston, so the bar is low, but I still think they’re better.”


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“Black currant. Oh, the fruit pastilles, Ribena, lord, I’m sorry, but I love black currant jam and yogurt so much.”


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“Maternity leave doesn’t result in an 8-week-old at daycare. Healthcare that doesn’t result in bankruptcy should you develop diabetes or need life-saving surgery. Most importantly, Tesco.”


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“Better rail systems.”


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“Christmas crackers & the little paper hats and bad jokes that go along with them.”


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“Separate faucets for hot/cold water. I love it when I wash my hands. You get two choices. Antarctica or the 7th layer of Hell.”


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“Produce very high-end automobiles with shady electrical systems.”


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“Minstrels. I’m American, I was raised on Mars and Murrie (M&M), and my biggest takeaway from living in the UK was that even cheap corner store candy is decadent. Plus the National Health Service (NHS), but mostly Minstrels.”


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“Safety in schools, the ability to laugh at ourselves, public transport, time off work, kinder eggs.”


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“Religious education classes in public schools. I loved them because we learned about other people’s cultures and religious customs worldwide; I’m shocked it doesn’t exist in America.”


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“Free healthcare, the ability to send your kids to school without worrying if they’ll be coming home alive.”


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“Walls that aren’t made out of paper.”


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“Walking on footpaths beside every road. Virtually every road except the oldest country lanes!”


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“To have a question period each week, where your leader has to answer questions directly from the legislature, is a good way to hold them accountable. Of course, back in 1776, a tyrannical king was in power, so I understand why the United States wanted a different system.”


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“Toilet Stalls without one-inch gaps between the door and frame, which render privacy useless.”

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