Many things that annoy people are beyond our control, but we can still be mindful of them to avoid being affected.

A user asked the forum, “What’s definitely getting out of hand?”. Let’s look at the top responses from the users of the forum.


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“Ads on YouTube

I remember the good old days when ads would never exceed 15 seconds. Now it’s normal for a video to start with a 15-second ad, followed by a 5-6 second one. Sometimes, I even get two 15-second ads back to back!

Not to mention the creators that are getting screwed over for randomly having their content labeled as “kids content” and getting comments turned off automatically, and the actual “kids content” is super messed up and un-moderated.”


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“Jobs asking for 5+ years of experience being listed as entry-level.”


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“Comment sections on social media. They used to be pretty fun to scroll through and engage with, but now it’s mostly full of insufferable people who get off on arguing with strangers online, picking fights over literally anything.”


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“Literally everything/everyone raising their prices for seriously everything. I have gotten so many “we are raising our prices this year to growing inflation,” and yes, the items are smaller, you don’t get the same as you did before, or the product is worse.

They all say we need to raise the rates for something because they can’t afford to keep running their business on the prices now. But yet they show record profits.It’s insane.”


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“Monthly subscriptions. Not just streaming services. Software, games, and even vehicle features.

It’s like the MBAs from MBB have their hands in everything now.”


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“Apps! Every business, website, service, you name it has its own app now. 3 Factor authorization also means that I have to download several apps on my personal phone just to be able to access sites required by my employer to do my job.”


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“Grocery prices.

Right? Is anyone else finding it harder and harder to just afford to live, month on month?”


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“People not knowing how to interact politely with their fellow humans. It’s wild.”


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“My cat has even started swiveling around a little iPad each time I try to pet him.”


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“Illiteracy, be it scientific, biological, or media. Too many people are too comfortable with not understanding things.”


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“Ignorance. So many poorly educated people with no desire to learn. Self-education is now seen as a chore instead of a great skill or power. Knowledge is power.”


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“The political divide in the U.S. is the worst I’ve seen it in my 43 years on this planet.”


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“Real estate prices. I’m finally earning a decent enough living to be able to own (and will be moving in next summer), but I still can only afford condos or townhouses, and not even in my county.

Have to go about thirty miles south, where it’s a bit more affordable. Single-family homes are all out. Also, for context, I net about $60K/yr and live in New Jersey. The property taxes are insane here.”


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“Short videos on every social media app. It destroys the attention span and critical thinking abilities, mainly for children who grow up with these apps watching endless short videos. They will have no motivation to do something else that costs more effort, and it is truly concerning.”


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“People at the gym recording videos thinking everyone should let them have their way always at the gym since they are recording.”


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“The pressure from social media to look absolutely perfect at all times, to the point where everyday people are having surgery to alter their looks.”

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