Impulse purchases and buyer’s remorse are common experiences. We’ve all made costly mistakes when buying things that turned out to be unnecessary or overpriced. On a popular forum, users shared their experiences with expensive regrets. Here are some of the top picks for items they wish they had cheaped out on:

1. Loan For Education

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Learn from others and planning your finances smartly for a college education. Working more and taking fewer loans can save you from the debt burden.

“College. I just should have worked more and taken out fewer loans.” said one.

“It doesn’t seem like real debt when you have never had debt before. Going to community college, working, and coming out debt free would have been the frugal move.” another said.

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2. Buying Beverages

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Cutting back on buying drinks and opting for cheaper alternatives such as water and coffee can result in significant cost savings. Learn how this simple change can impact your finances positively.

“Not buying drinks of any kind when I can drink water and coffee that I make myself for much cheaper.” said one.

“I quit doing it after realizing I’d spent over $100 a month. Watching my friends keep up the habit is tough.” another added.

3. Eating Food From Outside

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“Buying food at my break at work instead of cooking it the evening before and warming it up in the microwave, just because I am too lazy if I come home. It would save me a lot of money every month.” said one.

“I am living this right now. It’s ridiculous how much you can spend in a week just by being too lazy/busy to do some prep work ahead of time.” another said.

4. Gaming Laptops

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Investing in a gaming laptop without considering its long-term value can result in high costs and outdated technology within a few years. 

“Gaming laptop. Asus g series laptop for $1600, outdated in 2 years.” said one.

“My gaming laptop was a terrible purchase. True, it runs great, even now, three years later. It does everything I ask of it and does it well. I don’t game that much or run computationally intensive games, but I paid a premium for a laptop that barely ever leaves my bedroom. It would have been wiser to spend the money on building a desktop and investing my time learning how to build. I will be doing this in the next few months.” another said.

5. Air Conditioning Units

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“Hey, I left my central air off last summer and replaced it with three window units. The savings over three months paid for two of the window units. If your window AC is old, it may be a power hog.” said one.

“This apartment. It’s a great price for rent and a safe area, but it doesn’t have central air. Let’s compare this month’s electricity bill, $54, to July’s, $257.” another said.

6.  The Razor Blades

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Shaving products, particularly razor blades, can be expensive. 

“I highly recommend the old-fashioned safety razors. Even cheaper and better shave.” said one.

“Razors. I used to buy the latest greatest razors with a gazillion blades and half as many lubricating strips. Then I just refused to pay $45 for eight razor cartridges. I tried a six-pack pivoting three-blade razor from Target for $9. The shave wasn’t quite as smooth, but it was close enough. I’ll never go back.” another said.

7. Education

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The cost of higher education can be a significant financial burden for many individuals, with some institutions charging upwards of $50,000 per year.

“My education. $50,000/year is too much.” a user shared.

“$38K/yr tuition, plus housing, fees, and books =$50K/yr total. Not counting transportation/moving expenses to get there and back a few times/year. Many top-tier and only schools cost more than that!” another added.

8. Pet Supplies

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“Pet stuff. Astonishingly, steak is cheaper than rawhide chews, and dog wipes cost five times more than baby wipes.” said one.

“As a pet owner, I can relate to the high cost of pet supplies. It’s important to find a balance between providing for our pets and being financially responsible.” another said.

9. Luxury

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Expensive purchases, such as a hot tub, can become a financial burden in times of hardship. 

“Jacuzzi Hot Tub on my deck. $8K was spent back when my business was thriving. Now I wish I had banked it.” said one.

“Expensive purchases, such as a hot tub, can be enjoyed at the moment but may not be worth the financial burden in the long run. It’s important to prioritize our financial security.” another said.

10. Wedding

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“Just about everything related to my wedding, from the invitations and videographer to the photographer and DJ. So much could have been done equally well or perhaps better (and have better memories) by friends or family members, but I got tired of arguing with inlaws who decided they would pay for most of this stuff, and therefore got to call the shots.

FWIW, after a few years I think my wife agrees on most of these counts. You can have a $50 or a $500 or a $30000 wedding, but in any case at the end of the day you are still just as married. I have many happy memories helping my friend get ready for his $500 wedding, and it was one of the most memorable weddings” said one.

What are your biggest spending regrets? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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